ℹ Grimble – 5* Dark/ Purple - December 2019 HotM

I don’t have him maxed to test in war… but maybe I can if the right cleanup situation arises.

I did try testing vs Nordri Boss on an S3 map level… It was really tough to create a controlled scenario with minions to kill, and my my very fast heroes starting at zero mana (one with lvl 11 mana troop, one without)

Good idea…but probably not enough minions.

Neither do I…3.66…but will do some leveling just before war…think he will be useful.

Recorded some raids.

Found it. 8 destroyed minions fully load an empty Malosi (lvl 18 mana troop).

Pic 1 : Empty Malosi, 8 minions
Pic 2 : Trigger Grimble
Pic 3 : Fully charged Malosi

I could do a gif from that. :thinking:

So Mana troops also increase Grimbles effect.


Awesome! Thanks for confirming…

In your example, that’s a pretty big turning point in the battle. All those minions shed, Rigard got maxed to heal your crew, Malosi and Mist got mana-up to attack & potentially block status effects by one of them.

I will most likely max Grimble. Minion heavy teams are fairly common now, with heroes like Bera & Freya added to the list.

Lost it anyway :rofl:… all I need to say Snow White…and I was toast… even had no buffs active.

But I just wanted to get the proof.

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