Grey tokens & 5 star chance

Lets be honest, the odds are terrible for gold tokens to pull 5 star and hotm - and these are rare as rocking horse sh*t.

However, these grey tokens show up in their place. Fill a War chest? Congrats, heres some grey tokens… when you can pull the equivalent of one round at 8-7 on auto mode.

Perhaps its time to review to odds for gold tokens, and add in odds to pull 5 star heroes from these pathetic grey tokens.

Every time i see one I feel a kick in the teeth.

Cant wait for some useful replies…like a link to that gacha thread


my unhelpful reply is simply its RNG… my luck hasn’t been horrible. I got hero of the month in like 10 pulls and a buddy. I don’t have it rain 5 star’s but I do have a complete cast of 5 stars. I mean chances aren’t as bad as people make them out. I got Victor on like my 4th gold token during Halloween.

They seem to be incredibly stingy with epic hero tokens, although epic troops tokens are significantly more common. Likely because they aren’t as valuable as a chance (lol) at 5* hero/HOTM.

But I agree grey tokens are hardly a prize at all, on par with 1* materials.


This would be great if i didnt see long time players squatting on 100s or even 1k+ of them already. Sooo yea not a good idea. Would just further increase the gap between the big guys and the little guys that RNG is “supposed” to balance.

I always root for the f2p and c2p players, but in this particular case i think it’s just not in best interest for the game as a whole.

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@AngelPaladin Its not about individuals odds and luck. Its about changing the game dynamics.

@Rigs These long time players have probably already got some decent teams and can actively play the game, push out TC20s etc. So, the gap will only decrease with the f2p players actually getting something useful instead of, at best, another goddamn renfeld.
Maybe these players deserve to spend their 100s of grey tokens…they stuck around long enough…with current odds - even if these were gold tokens, they may get 1 hotm anyway.

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Increasing the occurence of gold tokens, i agree.

Giving away 5* heros on daily tokens? No


Im sure youve spend a pretty penny on this game and have your status to uphold. Cant have all these freeloaders come in with their 5 stars disturbing the purple circle.

Lol that’s funny.

I would rather see past hotm added to the tc’s. And yes i already have most of them, so no doesn’t benefit me at all. I would also like to see event and seasonal heros offered in the camps while their quest/event is active.

Just fyi: i let 5* ride on my bench for 6 months untouched and didnt care. 4* will help you a lot sooner than 5* will. And i could walk you through every bit of that.

But wouldnt wanna upset my circle.

Other improvements I’ve either suggested or agreed with:

I would also like to see epic hero tokens added to the rare quests. Troop tokens more consistent in recruits II quest.

Better rewards for completion of the rare tier in events.

More atlantis tokens offered through gameplay.

Less mats available for purchase

I have pushed pretty hard for quite awhile to increase enjoyment of the game for f2p. But through gameplay, not just giving it away. Players should still have to earn it through time, commitment, and strategy.

Sure some get lucky right off the bat and get 5* but normally shoot themselves in the foot by putting all their effort and resources into the very few or 1 5* they have when they could put all that towards developing a 4* bench.

Which would in turn make every aspect of the game easier for them but they fail to realize that because they’re too busy looking at what they dont have instead of what they do. Players are too distracted by “ooo shiny” instead of “ooo highly useful”

If you simply want to close mindedly judge me as a person and as a player based on 1 simple disagreement, then honestly i shouldn’t even take the time to be typing this.

Have a good night.



Earlier today I got an epic hero token from the hero chest and pulled Rudolph and got the bonus pull for Evelyn from it.

Yeah the odds suck like a vacuum but sometimes it works out


What a crock! They need to be given away for signing in, not actually playing the game lol

Congrats btw I’ve hit my spending threshold already so unless i have any luck with free chances, I’ll have to wait until next time

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I would support Grey tokens being able to summon 4* (0,2%) and 5* (0,1%) or something like this. Doesn’t sound too bad adding some unexpected excitement to them

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@Rigs on fire! As usual.

Agreed with your comments.

I was once a “oooohhhhh shiny” player when I first got Leonidas but found out later too much resources wasted just get him to tier 3 as a newbie. He is still stuck at 3/70. :rofl:

Just to put the struggle of F2P in perspective

I’ve collected 3 gold tokens over 2 months including the event and got 3 3*s

I’d totally be in favor of a very small chance of 5* hero/HoTM from daily summons. Say 0.1%. Anecdotally, the leader of my former alliance claimed that he got Zeline from daily summons. I’m inclined to believe him as he wasn’t someone to randomly invent ridiculous stuff. Probably a result of some weird glitch in the system, god knows this game has plenty.

How many gems have you collected? And atlantis tokens? And tc20 heros? Those are all equilavent to or better than epic hero tokens

Uncalled for. Rigs made legitimate counter points. No need to question his motives.

As for the original idea, silver tokens are useful for fodder to level existing heros. If they decided to take you up on this, I would agree with the post of 0.2%ish for 4* and 0.1% for 5% but NO chance for HOTM.

Rigs, I’m hopeful the Atlantis heros will make it to TC20 after all of the levels are rolled out. I highly doubt HOTMs will make it, but one can dream :slight_smile:

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All we can do is keep pushing for the idea

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I always feel like a winner when I get 3* troops or 3* heroes from silver tokens. Even 2* isn’t horrible. Just wish 1* wasn’t an option.

I’m surprised when I get a 3* with a regular summons. LOL! :smile:

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Like every other F2P player, 300 gems per month average and Atlantis tokens other from world province is a joke

Probably collected maybe 100 from chests and other things since they were introduced

Only recently started doing TC 20

67th 3* friar

68th 3* gan ju

69th 3* tyrum

70th 3* greymane

71st 3* ulmer

72nd 3* carver

73rd 3* gan ju

74th 3* Balthazar

75th 3* azar

76th 3* tyrum

77th 3* greymane

78th 3* brienne

79th 3* dawa

80th 3* Borden

81st 4* Sabina

82nd 3* hawkmoon

83rd 3* gan ju

84th 3* bane

85th 3* ishtak

86th 3* friar

5.6m food wasted and over 2000 recruits

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