Grey out stars to match Assention levels

As a newer player (less than 6 months) one of the most confusing things has been tying star ratings to special skills and over all power

It’s gotten harder has new cards are layered in that have the same stars, but are blown away by new offers

The amount you have to read, understand for a phone game is crazy - and there isn’t room for error; given there is no reset button on some of the rarest items in the game

My suggestion (using Khagan as an example)

When I pull him - give him his normal 5 star rating - but have the last two stars be grey

As he’s assended, turn those stars yellow

When rebalancing - don’t be afraid to demote him a star until you find a good 5 star mechanic to give him (just give demoted charectors a reset token to recover rare mats)

He’d still be a potential 5 star - but no more “I have 2 5*s … but only 1 set of mats… Gravemaker and Khagan … what to do, what to do…”

As is there are so many duplicates in a summon, a lot are just food… but that’s creeping into the 5 star ranks… the more 5 stars that are actually 4 stars with an over active ego … the less the odds reflect actual playability… and the wider the gap becomes for f2p or casual; and these are a cheaper source of customers that spend.

Add in emblems - which are locked behind full Assention - grant great power but use their own logic … it’s even more squirrely.

Anyway to simplify the UX and have the effect in play represent their longer term playability helps get these less that perfect - but still good - hero’s into the middle tiers vs sitting on the bench

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