📯 Grevle – New Season 3 Hero – 3* Nature/Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

New Season 3 Hero Releasing: Grevle!

:bar_chart: Stats


Rarity Element Class
Mana Speed Attack Defense Health
Origin Realm
Season 3 Alfheim
:dizzy: Special Skill: Traveler’s Snack
  • Boosts health of all allies by 250 HP. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. Max temporary HP is 100% of max HP. Boosted health counters max HP reduction.
  • All allies get +30% attack for 4 turns.
All-In-One Reference, courtesy of @Lumi
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:test_tube: Changes from Beta

There appear to be no changes to Grevle from the last-seen Beta stats, skill, and design.

:thought_balloon: What do you think of Grevle?

This thread is for thoughts and discussion on Grevle.

Based on preferences Forum members have expressed, please try to stick mainly to Grevle and not wander off topic too much to other heroes.

Some Popular Questions for Discussion

  • Is Grevle worth summoning for?

  • Would you use Grevle on Defense? Offense? War? Quests/Events? Titans?

  • Which heroes on your Roster best pair with Grevle?

  • What heroes would you take when facing Grevle as an opponent?

  • Would you give Grevle Wizard Emblems? Which Talent Grid path will you choose?

  • What do you think of Grevle’s special?

  • What do you think of Grevle’s character design?

  • If you Summoned Grevle and would like to post your results, please include some thoughts on why you Summoned Grevle and whether/how you plan to make use of Grevle.*

*NOTE: Summon Results posted without any commentary/feedback at all should be flagged as Off Topic and removed, based on preferences expressed by the Forum community. Please include some comments about what you think of Grevle when posting Summon Results. In addition to opinions about Grevle, you are also encouraged to include how many Summons it took before receiving Grevle (or how many Summons you’ve done without receiving Grevle), so other players are presented with realistic experiences of the rarity of Season 3 Heroes.

:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:
Or: How many summons are needed to get a Valhalla Rare Hero?

It’s important to remember that Season 3 Valhalla Heroes have EXTREMELY low summoning odds. No amount of summoning will guarantee a Season 3 Hero.

On average, in a 10-pull, you have a 41% chance of summoning Grevle.

But that statistic can lead our minds astray in exactly how our odds play out as we continue summoning.

Some useful insights:

  • 65 times out of 100, you’ll get Grevle by pull 20
  • 95 times out of 100, you’ll get Grevle by pull 57
  • 99 times out of 100, you’ll get Grevle by pull 87

Putting that in Perspective

  • 35 out of every 100 people won’t get Grevle by the 20th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 20 times, 350,000 of those players wouldn’t get Grevle

  • 5 out of every 100 people won’t get Grevle by the 57th pull

  • If 1 Million players each summoned 57 times, 50,000 of those players wouldn’t get Grevle

More Insights & Reading

I highly recommend reading these threads for more information and context on summoning odds:

If you’ve read them a million times before, you may consider reading them again before deciding on your budget for summoning. A little time spent deciding on how much money you want to risk on summoning goes a long way to avoiding disappointment, frustration, and regret later. :slight_smile:

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Feedback Poll - Grevle (post release)

:question: Is Grevle worth Summoning For?

  • Yes, absolutely
  • Only if you’re summoning for other heroes
  • Not at all

0 voters

:question: What do you think of Grevle compared to other 3* Heroes?

  • Over Powered (OP)
  • Little stronger than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Little Weaker than Most
  • Completely Broken (Under Powered)

0 voters

:question: How many copies of Grevle is it worth keeping & levelling?

Note this will be roster dependent & not the same for all players.

  • None (zero)
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four +

0 voters

:question: How does Grevle’s Special Skill match its Base Stats?

Note this means its Class, Attack, Defence & HP Stat

  • Perfectly
  • Better than Most
  • On Par with Most
  • Worse than Most
  • Terribly

0 voters

:question: What do you think Grevle’s Primary Purpose is?

  • Health Booster
  • Offence Support Hero
  • Defence Support Hero

0 voters

:question: Is Grevle worth giving Wizard Emblems to?

  • Yes absolutely
  • Yes, but only if you are focused on Event Competition
  • Yes, compared to other 3* heroes
  • Hmmmm, not sure yet
  • No… Not at all.

0 voters

:question: Where do you think Grevle is best suited on defence (in a 3* arena)?

  • Left Wing
  • Left Flank
  • Tank
  • Right Flank
  • Right Wing
  • Not on defence at all.

0 voters

:question: How do you think Grevle will be best used?

  • PvP Raids/ War attack
  • Normal Defence
  • War Defence
  • Titans
  • Farming
  • Tournaments
  • Event Teams

0 voters

Is she like a 3* Heimdall? I just got her and the other badger from the portal. Won’t complain.

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Seems like that, although unlike Heimdall she is average and not a paladin. First impression, I would therefore not use her as tank but rather on flank or wing.


Seems pretty potent for a 3*. Adding above max HP in that class can be huge in 3* tournies or to keep your emblemed 3’s alive against 4’s.

Not a game changer, but certainly decent. Kind of seems like a 3* green Boldtusk in a way.


Cruel doubt: Grevle or Frei Tuck in costume? I’m in doubt what to upgrade to the events.

Probably Tuck costume tbh… But that’s just me personally.


Friend, I am also more inclined towards Frei since he accelerates mana. But increased attack is not bad. worse that you can’t put the two together. my green team is: Issak with suit, normal Issak, Berden without suit, Minsseus, (Frei or Grevle).

Question, does that hp boost result in more health bonus for challenge events scores :thinking: and if so then please forget I ever asked that so I can win it :smile:


It might, I would be curious to try next month if we don’t get a definitive answer sooner.

Consider it forgotten, what are we talking about?


Health and atk boost are so good, but I really dislike his stats. 398 Attack is just awful
He’s really good with costumed Brienne though, so I’ll prioritize him before leveling costumed Tuck and By-Ulf.
I’m not sure if he’d be worth the emblems. I got lots of contesters with Sartana and costumed Balthazar. I think I’d go attack path with defense secondary, though raising HP to a theoretical 1586 would be interesting too.
Question: Does the “Healing Bonus” talent increase boosted health too?

Potentially it could. It seems boosted health is capped at double the norm usually, so if the hero already has boosted health this fella could boost more as long as it stays within those limits. Again, this is speculative, but I think possible. Good thought!

As far his A stat, I don’t see that as too big of a problem personally. He isn’t there to do damage with his own boosted attack, he is there to heal and boost the attack of your hitters like Boldtusk does. People don’t generally fear Boldtusk’s slash attacks after his special, it’s what he does to others. That being said I might give an attack node or two, but generally his path would be D and HP as he is support and he needs to be alive to support anyone. Given my current needs this hero wouldn’t see emblems until Season 5 is about to come out.

Let us know how it goes if you try it!


So a 3* Heimdall at average speed, and if I’m not mistaken, the highest defense of any 3* so far. At 608 this surpasses even Gunnar with costume bonus, and is 4/70 4* level stat. :astonished: (for reference, a 4/70 Brynhild has “only” 605 defense, 3 lower than Grevle!!!) No wonder they had to handicap its HP at 613, because even giving it 100 more HP would make it completely OP for a 3*.

Could definitely see this cunning little badger shine during 3* rush tourneys especially if red isn’t allowed. Might be even better than Shrubber for non-rush tourneys due to average speed.

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Do we know if his power works for bloody battle? I think it would but I’m not sure

I am not :100: sure. Even if his heal doesn’t, having the attack boost in bloody battle can be just as good.

I’d have to find it - but it has been tested and boosted health does not work in bloody battle.

Thank you . Too bad.

No it doesn’t. Full health is 4400 pts on rare stage 1. Above 100% it stays the same points.


Yes it does. Boosted health counts as healing so any “increase-healing effect” works (troops, talent node, Triton).

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It seems than now Grevle is best 3* healer.
While C.Hawkmoon is 3* Boldtusk, Grevle just take his power over, because he not only heal and gives attack, but also boost health.

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