Gretel's Special Attack

Even though Gretel’s special has splash damage, the fact that she charges at an “average” speed makes her significantly worse than Hansel or other, similar characters. The trade-off for doing splash damage should be that her special does less overall damage (which it does), and not also that it charges more slowly.

There is precedent for this in the game already. For example, Scarlett is similar in that she hits a primary target with splash damage to nearby enemies. Because of this, she does less damage to the primary target than someone without splash damage (Caedmon for example). That’s the trade-off for her move’s minor AE. She still charges quickly, however, which makes her move more valuable.

On the other hand, there are heroes with splash damage who charge at an average speed, like Grimm. He, however, does not get the same damage trade-off as Scarlett, though, and hits the primary target about as hard as someone without splash damage. His trade-off is charge time instead.

Gretel has the unfortunate situation where she is being penalized both ways for her splash damage: in damage done to the primary target and in charge time. This makes what should be a fun, new hero underpowered when compared to both the other event heroes and existing heroes.

Please consider making her special either charge quickly or do more damage to the primary target so that it is more inline with other specials.

Thank you.