Gretel special not working on Titan

Just noticed Gretel special does NOTHING to Titan. Titan mana Flashing full, hit it with Gretel and still flashing and hit me with its special very next move.
Titan nor anyone on my team causes miss (Titan had no special) and team is Gretel, bane, isshtak and kiril.
Titan is 6* purple Onyx Dragon.
Happened @3:45 pm EST today Oct.23

Update, just recorded and played back. The mana reduction does not happen when the special is fired, only on the next move

Not sure I fully follow. Do you expect titan mana to go down at the moment Gretel fires her special?

That is not how it works. Fire the special and when it’s titan turn mana will go down and titan special will not fire when titan mana reaches full and if Gretel special is still active on titan.

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As @Astvinr said, you simply misjudge her special.
Mana reduction is applied when the titan (or a hero) reach full mana and is ready to fire the special, not when Gretel fire it.

So if you shoot her special when the titan has half the bar filled… nothing happen, because this skill is applied only when he reach the full bar, returning to half

This means you don’t have to shot it whenever it comes, but watch the titan bar and decide when it’s the best timing.

If you see he is near to fill the bar or your next move probably fill his bar (because you see a huge cascade approaching) that is the best moment to use it.

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It seems to be working properly now. At the time, like I said, it hit me with its special after I hit it with Gretel. Which isn’t possible since when it’s Titans turn it’s mana goes down… Therefore no special can fire.
I’ve not encountered it since that one Titan

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