Gretel’s spécial now faces mana shield multiple times

When raiding against Rigard, I succeeded in using Gretel’s special against him. When his mana became full, his mana shield triggered (on the secondary effect of applying damage and draining mana 50%.
Is this an intended change? This nerfs Gretel’s skill (and I assume Hansel’s skill) against any mana shield enemy (already was risky, now worse).
If it’s intended (I hope not!), note that there’s a bug, because Rigards mana then stayed full, but did not display the “s” indicator and did not blink, but it fired that turn (see image).

This is similar to, but slightly different from the Onatel thread where mana shield triggered against the mana steal.

Seems like se same as Onatel…
SG respond they’re working on it to change in v28…
I belive it will be transversal to this heroes too

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As RFM said, there is a similar bug with Onatel (link below to that thread).

Not sure if SGG Staff know that the bug also extends to the witch-hunter specials also… @Petri & @KiraSG?

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