Gretel or Viveca has a bug!

During this weekend war I used Gretel’s special on a Vivica as she had full mana, but insted as it has always been before, Vivica didn’t get any 20% dmg and mana reduced to 50%, instead she kept the mana and casted her special after my attack healing and removing the spell that I just cast on her!?
So, either it’s something wrong with Gretel’s attack or something wrong with Viveca’s defense!
And this made me loose a lot of points in my war attack as she healed her whole team and everything else!

BTW, why is it that there are always more problems with every update?! I know other game developers, with less revenue than SG, but still they have 10-20 times more staff working on developing and problem solving…

Vivica has mana sheild available as a class talent. If this activated, you would experience exactly what you described.

So, then I can basically just flush this game down the toilet!
With a Viveca that I can’t stop, Guin that is invincible (unless I stack 3 purple heroes and get 9 tile hits on Guin within the first 3 rounds) etc.
As this game has become pure p2w, I would need to spend my entire salary to be able to even stay at the lvl where I am now!
Just to put it in comparison, I already spent more money/month on this game than I pay for my rent… And I’m still having a hard time to stay competitive in my alliance… The greedy grease balls in Finland will not see a single cent more from me!

It’s only a chance to resist negative mana effect. This talent may or may not be applied, she doesn’t resist negative mana effects all the time.

Guin belongs to a different class thus she don’t have the mana shield ability.

That’s correct, stacking colour is a very popular strategy against tanks. It was the same before classes and talents were introduced.

Based on these statements alone, I would recommend not spending any more money on the game. Remember that this is just a game, and spending more than is comfortable for your budget is unhealthy. You don’t have to win every time, and you can still be competitive with hero pulls from TC20 and patience.


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