Gretel is amazing raid offence

I just maxed my Gretel and put her in a few raid offence for fun. She is awesome mixed with my 5* team just messing around. Hel tank does not stand a chance even with just gretel and delilah i also have joon and jackel but gretel is fun to mess with the other teams game changer characters like hel, Alberich, even Gwen

Any thoughts on hansel and gredel effectiveness in raids?

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I have Gretel but she is third place on my leveling list, behind Guinevere and Bruce Lee grandson (I don’t have both of them yet)


Only have Gretel to 4/7 so far and look forward to using her in raids very soon.

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I’ve been playing around with Hansel… Only 5 star color I don’t have.

He’s handy when raiding people in the top 500.
If it’s a green heavy board he can wreek havoc… It’s fun hitting a fast mana hero. Then cascading them to recharge which hits pretty hard.
at special needs to be in a 5 star shell

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LOL…yup same here…only I don’t have any of the 3…(though i have leonidas at 4/50

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I dig Gretel for titans as well

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I haven’t tried her yet. I already have wu, jackel and joon with my boldtusk and Grimm. Not sure who i would take out? It would have to be joon…

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