ℹ Gretel – 4* Holy/Yellow from Fables of Grimforest

Is she still being used in wars and events?

I am planning on leveling her soon and wanted to see if she is still relevant. I am only interested in her mana control.

I have Mist and LiXiu fully at 75 + 20 and wanted to add Gretel for extra mana control during events.

I am thinking CViV Mist Kara LiXiu Gretel (swapping in Devana as needed).

I still use her. She is a bit frail, but she can easily make a late war team. And the nice part is. She can stop and stall a fully charged enemy.

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I mainly wanna use her when mana control is needed so I will go ahead and start with this project! I will also take her to 75 +20 defense path to max her sturdiness!

My other options are Scoratek, Griffin, Chao, HuTao (+ C)

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She is not too far behind Mist so I think she will fit well within my team.

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I recently emblemmed mine, I think she is great. :yellow_heart: Mana control is so vital, even though she´s “just” Average Speed though.

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Good to know! I have been comparing with Mist but I forgot that she is average not fast.
I will still level her! Mana control is crucial in these new hard hitting events especially when you lack overhealers.


Exactly - best of luck :slightly_smiling_face: :four_leaf_clover:

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She will definitely combo well with Mist :slight_smile: @TTT


Recently got her from Hero Academy. I already have her brother, Mist, and Proteus and they’re better, but still, I welcome more mana controllers, which holy likes to do. Valuable stuff in this game.

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indeed, she’s not the best mana controller, but always helpful to have another. I used her in Yellow Contest of Elements on one of my teams, she helped out a lot!

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She came out again for me on CoE as well. I want to say stages 5 & 6. She shined as the sole mana controller for those teams. Still handy to have around.


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So on my bench, waiting to be leveled, is Gretel, cChao, and Li Xiu without costume. (Already have Mist LB and on my short list to 2LB.)

Which would you work on first?

personally Gretel, because you just have to time her right and she resets mana to 50%, preventing the enemy from firing

C-Chao delays the enemy too, but they still gain some mana.

and Li Xiu without costume… you will barely notice her mana cut (she’s the best of the 3 for defense though!)

so offense, Gretel. defense, Li Xiu


Thanks! I look at Chao, and besides being fast, I’m not seeing much. I’m tempted by Li in case I get her costume, but probably should just wait to see if that happens

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I second @sleepyhead post below! Gretel for offense and LiXiu if your looking for defense.

I use Gretel a lot even in raids and wars. She does her job pretty good. She has decent attack damage so I take her against titans as well :slight_smile:

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Would any of you be willing to show your stats and path so we can see the difference that choices can make to her numbers? Your help is truly appreciated! I don’t have Mist, so she’s going to be incredibly helpful :slight_smile:

Here is what I have

@sleepyhead do you think she is worth taking to lvl 80? She was my savior this Barbarian Master Emb quest :smiley: she died last minute though So I was wondering if she is worth the resources.

Thanks for asking! If she’s your best mana control option in yellow, go for it

I didn’t for her, but mainly because I have Malosi in yellow to block effects and Inari in yellow to dodge :slight_smile:

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I lucked in Kullervo on a Summer Solstice summon and took Malosi as an FS choice, otherwise Gretel would get a lot more action. Mine is LB1, and if not for those other 2 heroes, would be LB2.

I use C2 Li for dispel, to be honest I have never really liked silence. Yellows dispel is too rare to pass though. Gretel has a much better ability. The damage when the block is triggered is solid (bigger than her impact damage from her special), can be tripped repeatedly on fast mana opponents, and brings mana down. You can trigger it once in a slow hero then know they’re under control for some turns pending a cascade.

She gets a lot of dislike because her twin is fast mana while she is average, but with all the speed boosts teams are capable of now is plenty usable. She probably is a bit frail for high diamond, especially since she hasn’t gotten a costume for the stat boost, but there are other opportunities to get her in.