Gregorion or Lianna


I’m pretty sure I would not use Gregorian on Defense, but his offensive capabilities more than make up for the fact that he’s not a defensive hero in my opinion.


I made a video on this


I agree on Gregorion’s role: he is a better attacker than a defender. The only thing on raids is that his value decrease with allied heroes dieing, so it isn’t that good on defense (he isn’t a tank) and with the fact that heroes doesn’t attack every turn on defense makes his buff lackluster.
My comment were entirely on the 15 attacks / 3 rounds part.
The attacks that benefits from his special will be less and less 'cause heroes doesn’t attack every round and a dead hero can’t attack: it’ll be useful in a Wu Kong’s way but nothing more.

Like every hero it could be played on raids attack and defense but I don’t think that PvP will be his best area (it could be “good” as a flanker but not as other heroes).
It is a different thing on titans, where you can do what do you want with items.

I’ll watch it right away :wink:


I guess if it is that closely contested a decision for you, then you really can’t go wrong either way. I can do my own math and testing to figure things out. I’ll still stick with Gregorian, but now with Season 2 in Beta I’m not ascending anyone to 4th until the Balancing/Nerfing party is over or at least slows down a bit.


I completely disregarded your advice in this video and decided to max out greg.

This is due to the reason that I don’t have Lianna.



Don’t worry, I did too


I wouldn’t worry about either Lianna or Greg getting nerfed


Today, luckily I got Greg, but I do not know whether to wait for Lianna or to continue on top of this one.


Both are good choices to level IMO. The question for many is simply ‘Which first?’ if they have both waiting.


What an interesting day, today at TC 20 my beautiful Lianna, now who can help me? I have Greg and Lianna, I will upload the two to 3/70 and then I decide, it will take a long time


If you are more interested on the PvP aspect of the game then Lianna, otherwise Gregorion.


If you’re not sure you’re taking her all the way to max level, Lianna is a classic case of ‘worse than a maxed 4* hero’ at 3/70. You might want to use resources elsewhere if you don’t intend to finish things immediately. Basically, consider her at 3/70 to be like a maxed Caedmon, but with worse stats and no dispel.


On raid context: remember that moment when you wish you have one more puzzle you can break so the average mana heroes can fire? Yeah… You would also wish you brought Lianna, not Greg! :stuck_out_tongue:

But, other than that particular raid related context, bring Greg over Lianna.

(Oddly enough, Greg’s illustration is my favorite. Really love the goofy Hiccup-ish (how to train your dragon) impression. He does fit the main protagonist if it was a movie. Lol.)


I maxed out Gregorion over Lianna. Later got Tarlak and also maxed it out. Now I know I did right choice. Tarlak and Gregorion is much more dangerous combination.


I have both and prefer Lianna. I also have Ares so that likely is a heavy factor. If I didn’t, I’m not so sure. It would be close.


I refer to Lianna as the “One shot wounder” because that’s pretty much what she does. She’ll take out a hero that is already wounded, but if she hits a fresh hero, all she does is wound them and then she’s done until she goes off again and generally she’s dead by then. She does nothing else. There are no status effects from Lianna to worry about and all you need to do is heal up a bit. Gregorian makes every green on the team stronger and can also wound fresh heroes or take out wounded ones. I’ll take Gregorian over Lianna.


Two side notes:

  • he buffs every non-green with critical bonus
  • he is average mana


In my experience they don’t have to be that wounded to get a kill shot from her. Given that I typically raid with 3 fast mana snipers it also means that I can cherry pick who I want dead with two shots, if need be, or take two out with the 3 shots if even one hero has 80% health that Lianna can wipe. That seems like enough down for Lianna to one clean up on. I also have the troops that currently beef her attack up (22*% now) so that helps. Just depends on how you configure your team.


Sure, she does that one thing very well, but the fact remains that she is a one shot wounder. That’s about all she does. I prefer heroes that do more than one thing. Once she wounds a hero or manages to finish off an already wounded hero with the help of another hero, she’s done until she charges again. Saying that she can do pretty much what another hero can do and that other hero can also do other things, well, I’ll take that other hero please.

You are more than welcome to have her on your team though. That way when I run up against you I don’t have to worry about a secondary skill from one of your heroes. I just wait for her to wound one of my heroes and then continue with my attack or wait for her to do what pretty much any other sniper with more than one ability can do, which is finish off an already wounded hero. If I have heroes left, I’ll also continue with my attack.


Except that lianna always gets multiple specials whenever i use her in almost any context. Dont have greg so cant comment but lianna is likely the best hero in game for straight out damage. And the fact that shes fast means she delves significant amount of damage. When i combine here with sartana, nataly, king arthur and vivica i have no problem getting into the top 100 through offensive raiding. I only wish i had a fast mana blue 5 star to go even higher.

Like previous poster said, depends on team setup. Both are 5 star heroes, so obviously they are likely both mainstays for anyone who gets them.