Gregorion or Lianna

What to do? Have Lianna at 3/70…5 tonics the 6th coming soon. Now got gregorion. Fast straight damage or less damage plus crits. Really not sure where to go.
Team. Vivica, sartana, isarnia, gravemaker.
Lots of 4* but i have got no Wu so far…Raids are interesting and Titans too, for sure

PvP: Lianna
PvE: Gregorian

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PvE → i think u mean Events…
For the map there are most Heroes good enough.
For Events Gregorian with 3\70 would work too

PvE = when not vs heroes:
85% titans
10% quests
5% events


I am sticking with Lianna myself. She has proven her worth, and I do not see the crit hability justifying much expenditure on him


Lianna has the highest damage I’ve seen in the game. On the other hand, you can replace Wu with Gregorion and still get some very high damage output. Not everyone has Ares and Greg is an hotm…I’m maxing event and hotm heroes before regular ones. Both are just as good.

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It’s hard to go wrong with either, but I’d give Gregorian the clear edge, as he’s got much greater utility. That crit boost for all is hugely effective, on titans and events to be sure, but also in raids and wars. It more than makes up for the very slight reduction in damage and the extra tile or two it takes to activate him.


I’m thinking that this question really doesn’t have a bad answer–either hero looks great.

I’m seriously hoping to pull Greg when I try for some of the Guardians later this month, mostly because I don’t have a really good green 5* (like Lianna!)

In your shoes, I’d be leveling Gregorion up at least to 2/60, and seriously consider taking him to 3/70.

And in your shoes, when I got the 6th tonic, I wouldn’t wait for Greg–If he wasn’t at least at level 3/68, I’d ascend Lianna, instead of waiting.

If they are both 3/70 when you get the 6th tonic, then you have an interesting choice, but as I said, I don’t really think there is a “wrong answer” between the two of them. Looking at the 7DD hero grading, Lianna is tops in green except for Alberich and a tie with Zeline…and I don’t see Greg getting a lower grade either.


Seems to be a close decision…

I personally think Lianna will still be better, but only slightly. She charges fast and does exactly what you want—immediately eliminates 1/5 of the opposing team. That’s some damage efficiency you don’t get with any other hero.

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If you don’t have enough fast snipers, I would level up Greg. He does have a unique ability, more utility, and great for titans. I too have Lianna, but I have enough snipers that having another one would not add variety to my toolbox of strategies. But if your playstyle is focused on taking out enemies one at a time, I think you’ll have more fun with Lianna.

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Lianna is better overall I think. Gregorian being a single target average mana really hurts him, even with the crit boost. He’s going to be better where tile damage is more important, which is titans and events. I was surprised to see him used in defenses, because he’s bad there.

Titans = 7 Days a week, AW = 2.

You have a wealth of choice since you have both! I personally want Greg; who else has Crit? With his stats? No one else yet.

But that’s me; I think either choice will serve you. :slight_smile:


When I first saw Gregorion, I didn’t notice he was average mana instead of fast mana. (I’m gonna have to start paying more attention to that!)

I’m a bit less excited but I still want to pull him, and still expect to ascend him instead of Kadilen, my only green 5*

It isn’t at all likely that I’ll pull both Lianna and Gregorion, but if I do, they will be at the same level, and I’ll have to choose which one first too!

I often consider usability while considering who to level first. A Lianna will only reach her maximum potential and full damage at 4/80 while a 3/70 Greg is still useful, more useful than a 3/70 Lianna. You just need his special at 8/8 to get the full benefits of the crit boost and green link. Maybe the only thing to consider for Greg is if you’re fighting really high level titans and he’s dying too much it would keep him alive more being 4/80.


At 3/70, my experience is that Lianna is considerably less useful than Caedmon. I took her there for whatever future time I might actually have the tonics to ascend her, but outside alliance wars she sits on my bench. From facing her at 4/80, I figure she’ll really shine if I can get her up to there, but before then… nah, no great shakes.
Gregorion looks like he’ll be useful at 3/70 with that critical buff, even though he hasn’t hit his full potential by then.

Yeah Gregorian is on the chart as an A-rated hero

Look at the synergy in your team.

You’ve got Isarnia. If you fire her and Lianna on top of that, then that’s a shockload of damage to 1 target.

If you fire Isarnia and Gregorion on top of that, then that’s a ton of damage but not as much as Lianna, and for 3 turns any tile that crits is going to hurt like crazy as well.

So it depend on what kind of synergy you like to play with. Me, I’m a tile-player. I kill stuff with tiles. For me Gregorion would be the choice hero. But you can’t go wrong with Lianna either.


I already have Lianna maxed, but if I had a choice, I think I would ascend Gregorian first. But I already have multiple snipers maxed (Joon, Marjana, Domitia, Perseus and Lianna). I am waiting until the month is over before I ascend Kadilen, I know that, lol.
But, since you don’t have Wu yet, I would choose Gregorian because he might give you a nice boost on your titan damage.


I think i will go with Lianna now, and for Titans (7 and 8* in my Alliance) i will use Gregorion at 3/70 until i get the next 6 Tonics (in 8 month…).
Thanks for the advice!