Gregorion or Lianna for level up

Hi guys and girls…I have those 2 and since I maxed tarlak have to decide which one of them is the best for levelling up…please help…

I have 3 maxed Liannas on one profile and only one Greg on the other.

I’d switch Greg for a Lianna any day, but please don’t listen to me, I have absolutely no expertise.

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I have both maxed. They work well together (Greg first to activate the crit boost). Lianna’s special hits harder and is fast mana so I’d level her first. They are dead even for gem damage with Tarlak.

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Close call but I’d say Lianna. Her mana speed makes up for the lack of a buff in her special


One vote for Lianna here. Fast mana, hits very hard. Compare to Gregorion at average mana, weaker hit.

Effective special damage:

  • Lianna: 729*5.12 = 3791
  • Gregorion: 729*4.55 = 3317

When you run that through the damage calculator, Lianna’s doing about 20% more damage on fast mana than Greg on average mana.

The big difference is the +30% critical bonus, and the place where you really notice this is against titans. When 30% of the green tiles do double damage, that can really add up.

Still, I’d vote Lianna first. She’s really fine.


Greg is my current green project… Do not have Lianna… Both are top green heroes… Lianna pro: Mana Speed, Greg Pro: Critical Boost… This is probably one of those decisions: any would be a correct choice… Greg def has better sinergy with the rest of heroes, but since u already have Tarlak, seems u can take more advantage with Lianna…

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Greg only, if you don’t have Lianna.

Lianna is THE sniper, so pure, so hard, so cute, so stark… :sunglasses:


With the crit boost Greg would actually work better than Lianna with Tarlak. Their attacks are even but the crit will add more.

Lianna being fast and harder hitting special means she fires more regularly than Greg. I can easily fire her twice in a raid, and 3x for Greg twice.


Also, Lianna will be getting a costume that makes her like a green Alasie. Makes a great sniper even better.


Except the costume makes her look ridiculous, in my opinion.

Edit: not that that will stop me from getting it for her :rofl:


I have a second 1-1 Lianna impatiently waiting for the costume.

Lianna, Gregorion simply can’t keep peace with these times.

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Lianna for all situations

Greg + Tarlak = very bad news for blue titans

Lianna takes the cake.

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Do all of you guys still prefer to ascend and max a 2nd Lianna over 1st Greg? Another question since skins was discussed, does an unlevel hero only capable of skins?

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The Critical hit math says that strong color critical hit gives +50% of damage (not double damage), neutral color critical hit gives +100% damage and weak color critical hit gives +200% of damage.
So Greg’s crit buff only gives +15% of damage on green mono team against blue titans. Greg’s elemental link though adds some more attack and defence.

In raids, if you have Evelyn, Lianna is much better than Greg.


Nope. Having Greg is great for titans.

Evelyn + Buddy + Tarlak + Greg + Hansel is great for titans.
Lianna is no longer needed for titans.

Raid however, I would prefer Lianna over Greg any day unless you wanna use both together.

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