Gregorion or Hansel


I believe there was similar topic not so long ago, but my situation with these two is a bit different. I would like to ask who should I be working on:

  • Hansel is currently in 3/30ish, Gregorion on 2/60
  • I have 8 Tonics and 6 Sturdy Shields
  • I have 2 Tomes of Tactics and at least 5 Damascus Blades
  • I have currently Magni on 3/70 and 5 Telescopes so at least one Tome will go there. No other 5* in sight to be upgraded, but if I get worthy purple (Sartana, Panther, I don’t think I’ll get Seshat) i’d prefer to upgrade that one, since I have like 13 Trap tools and 5 Tabards (with Morlovia around the corner).
  • I have fully upgraded Proteus.

So who should take priority? Hansel is fast and is pretty good already, plus looks very cool too (though more like Van Helsing than Hansel). Gregorion is HOTM on the other hand and those two shields should come in reasonable time.

IMO I would do Hansel for these reasons

1.) 4:70 Hansel is stronger then 3:70 Gregorion

2.) Time & feeders

My Hansel I just got in the last event. Could he be maxed? Of course but I’m only doing same color feeding not power feeding. I do have Seshat (who is 4:07 now) and I’m still not power feeding.

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Hansel , keep your mats for Kingston later

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I agree with maxing Hansel first. He is a very valuable hero. After him you may have a different green 5* or more tomes. You will not regret maxing Hansel at all.

Ok guys, thanks a lot. Van Hansel it is then. True that I have TC20, so maybe Lianna comes along so I can save tonics for her. Or for Kingston if I get him.

Depends on your team. 4s are LOTS easier, faster and cheaper to max. If you have ALL it takes NOW then I would go 5, IF you have a solid bench

No matter what green 5* you get, you should max hansel first. He is that good. After that then Greg is a decent 5* on offence and is great for titans. There are many good green 5* some of which are better than Greg, but also many that are worse :slight_smile:


Hansel is one of the best 4*, it’s always good to have him, like Rigard for example.

Also, if you’re playing Alliance Wars, having a large roster is crucial and 4* are the backbone of the army.

To conclude, it shouldn’t be too hard to get more shields with time. While getting other tonics will surely require much more time… if you’re not totally sure of maxing Gregorion (and you couldn’t do it at the moment) better save the tonics and level someone else in the meanwhile

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