Gregorion or Elkanen for defense team

Hi guys,
I am trying to set up the best defense team, aiming to group the fastest heroes i have available.
My only doubt regards inserting either Gregorion (which has emblems) or Elkanen (currently 4/21).
Elkanen is fast while Gregorion is medium. Gregorion is powerful sniper with interesting special that may be useful for all heroes while Elkanen is fast with rock solid shield defense.
Naturally, I would assign Elkanen Gregorion’s troops.

What would you suggest guys?

Imo Greg is better in flank, elkanen can be center, maybe, but in corner he is not a threat, but Greg with his shoot is for sure. I would not be happy to face your team :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mez,
well Greg is really a strong sniper that deals huge damage once he skills…the problem is that his mana speed is “only” average…and I’d prefer a team of all fast heroes…Elkanen is a fast one and he holds tough defensive shield…but it is also true that Elkanen is generally understimated, being usually considered as a bad hero…

Elkanen in the wing is only threatening for War defense teams, IMO. Where the war aid boost can make him very difficult to take out combined with his self healing. For regular defense I find him more threatening as a tank, where he’s tough to take down.

If you stick with Greg, I would swap spots to be more like this:

Zimkitha | Magni | Drake | Gregorion | Victor

That would make Gregorion more likely to fire, at average speed flank is better for him.

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Good point Dave…thanks.

I would choose Greg and probably keep him up, BUT I would try elk after or if you emblem him

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