Gregorion critical damage %

My Greg is 4 68 8/8. Been trying him out with farming, raiding and titans. His should increase crit hits with 30%. I have read that basic chance for crit hits is about 3,5%. So I calculate I should see about 1 out 3 critical hits when his special is active. I have been monitoring this and what I see is trending more towards 1 out of 5. And that is not even counting the effects of troops. Am I having bad rng luck or do more people see this and is there a bug at work maybe?

There should be no “basic chance for crit” only what troops give you.
Also hopefully you have taken into account that specials can’t crit.

Crit is so poorly coded that I have a video with 87 tiles in and 1 crit, with 2x5% crit troops (=10%).

So, yeah.

Crit troops don’t stack that way, for each tile the game chooses one of your troops of that color, and uses that troops/hero’s crit. So it they do not get added AFAIK.

Even so (which I doubt is the case as it will mean even poorer coding and player choices), I find critical implementation non-working as it should.

Typically you’ll use some function like RandomInt(99) which will return integers between 0 and 99.

If you run this function 100 times you will get evenly distributed outputs.

Then you would have a Crit value, say 5%

Next you would compare each output IF its <= 4, and if it is = crit.

This will result in exactly 5% critical hits per 100 hits.

HOWEVER, matches here have significantly less than 100 hits and if you are using the above method without modification, you will end up with far, far less than 5% critical hits, because you dont have enough time to incoke the Random function enough times to populate an evenly distributed pool of integers which will then lead to a “true” 5% critical.

The same reason is why Wu misses way much more than 32%

The functions are reset for each match. Which breaks the flow of random iutputs and gives you a real % much lower than advertised.

Same thing with summons - the pool is reset each pull. And ur fked :slight_smile:

So many things in this thread that are different than I had been thinking.

  1. I assumed that a 30% increase would be a multiplier on the current probability, not an addition to an existing percentage. i.e. If my baseline (all other factors taken into account) probability of a crit hit is 5%, a 30% increase would bring me up to 6.7% not 35%.

  2. @EvilSmoothie Why do you say there should be ‘no basic chance for crit’? I don’t think that has ever been stated. If someone tells me I have a 0% chance of something and they are going to sell me a 10% increase in that, I assume they are joking. (Our toothpaste is 70% more effective than the original version which we now are forced to admit wasn’t effective at all!) My assumption has been that there is a low baseline 5 chance of critical hit which is modified by troops and specials.

  3. Monitoring/testing assumptions on this is quite difficult. The graphics are just not reliable as they overwrite each other. And there is no other reasonable way to collect data. That said, These threads would be more useful if you were to share the results of the data collection. Otherwise it’s hard to put much stock in ‘Ive been monitoring’. We are just not reliable enough organisms (humans that is. assuming you are part of the tribe :wink:

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Critical chance in games is addictive not multiplicative.

You start with 0 and add 5, 30 whatever the troop stat, hero skill etc. adds.

Some games have a base crit but I haven’t seen this one to have. Do you ever remember seeing crit hits before you acquired crit troops?

Sorry man. Not that I think you’re wrong, just that there isn’t any evidence to back you up. The fact that other games work in a certain way does not mean that this one does. It’s not like there is a shared code base, just shared conventions and conventions can be broken. There is nothing in the game that documents this feature in this way so at best I’d see your assertion as a hypotheses that would need to be tested.

I think it’s amusing that people seem to think that critical hits are ‘coded poorly’ when that is based on their own interpretation of how the calculations should be made. It is entirely possible that they are coded poorly and that the devs did not intend the current functionality. It is also entirely possible that the devs made different decisions about how critical hits should work and that you are trying to match their decisions to your faulty assumptions (perhaps b/c you’ve seen them in other games, hell maybe you’re a developer who has built this kind of feature before)

And yes, I do believe I have seen critical hits with no critical troops or specials. However that is based on my own faulty memory and should not be taken as an assertion that it is definitely the case.

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Greg’s special is not new. Ares brought crit buffs almost a year ago, and it definitely works as an adder, not a multiplier, to the base chance inherited from troops.

Remember that ALL Titan hits on the weak spot are automatically crits, so Greg/Ares helps less on titans than may at first appear.


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