Gregorion, Atomos, Margaret or Zocc - advice needed

Hello dear forum fellas. I need advice who to ascend and to use in Titan hits, Wars, Raids and ecents:

  • Gregorion
  • Atomos
  • Margaret
  • Zocc (I already have a maxel emblems Hanzel)

Here is my current nature team + maxed Hanzel and costume Caesmon:

Thank you.

My first choice would be zocc. Mana control is one of my favorite cs and against titan it can be really useful (to avoid titan cs and save time stop one rare blue titan ) as well as in war. Gregorion is close to Liana but average. I use Atomos and Margaret in my second green mono team, exclusively for war.

İ say Margaret. Very fast mana will be very useful

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Titan priority, choices are Greg or Margaret. Greg’s critical buff is nice but Margaret’s tile damage is very big to start. Zocc is fun but mine sits at 3/70 with Atomos and Margaret…

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Gregorian is a beast for Titans. I combine him with Wu, Kingsley, Lianna and Evelyn. If all specials are inactive I do more than 6k damage up to 6.5 k with one single tile. Without Greg’s specialties max is in high 4 k area.

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If you do a lot of pulls, I’d vote “none of the above” and hope you get someone better.

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None are particularly outstanding, but Greg probably has the most utility as the crit buff is very useful for titans. Margaret and Atomos are still very underwhelming even after the buffs so wouldn’t bother, Zocc is worth getting to 3/70 since he’s usable in that state, but I’d hold off on the tonics in case you get something better.

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As said Greg be best for titan hits I’d do that.
Plus in war and Raids.
I like atomos but he can wait a bit.

I have all the heroes you have listed for final ascension, save Margaret. All of them are parked at 3/70 even if I am sitting on 19 tonics.

Among the four, I find Gregorion to be the better hero against certain titans and events as his crit bonus will benefit you to gather better overall score. He is also good in wars, splitting your 4* and 5* heroes into two monogreen teams, each with a sniper in Lianna and Greg, assuming you employ mono.

Margaret, who has the fastest mana speed among the four, may have benefited from her recent buff, but she is too squishy to be relied upon. She has the highest attack stat but Greg’s crit bonus doubles the tile damage, which outweighs the high attack stat. I highly suggest to level your mana troop to level 23, or to level 17 but you must emblem him to +8 and opt for the +2% mana bonus to support him in raids and in wars, even against titans. Doing so, you will fire his skill almost at the same time with your fast heroes

Atomos also benefited from his recent buff, changing him from a slow hero to an average one. He shines well if you have his special fire after Evelyn and Frigg as it will cause massive havoc against the enemy teams in raids and in wars.

Zocc would have been great if he was fast hero. The problem is, his mana increase/mindless attack to the target may backfire on him since it can be negated by clerics (and even by monks, I am not so sure). I find my double Hansels worth the hero slots in my primary monogreen team, accompanied by Alberich, Evelyn and Lianna.

In short, if it cannot be helped, go ascend your Greg.


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