Gregorion and Titans, seems about right!

About a week ago I got Gregorion while trying for Panther, I wasn’t displeased with the results. He wasn’t really a hero I wanted badly, like Panther. But for sure he turns out to be very good with titans.I couldn’t wait to try him on an Ice titan, so I fast leveled him and then waited for the titan to spawn. After about 3 Dark titans and 2 Nature ,I finally got my chance. I wasn’t disappointed, not in the slightest. Grimm + Gregorion + Wu Kong nothing else but a killer combo. I can’t wait to try them on titans stronger than 6*, because in a way it seemed a bit too easy. Or maybe so it should feel when this combo is at work. Can’t wait to figure that out as well.


A tip for your next hits: Gregorion’s good part is crit chance, that only last 3 rounds. So, if:

  • The time isn’t running out
  • He isn’t a hit away to die
  • You are not running mana potions
  • You don’t have a good green board to fill his mana
  • You have greens but you are planning on making matches that are not greens (like another diamond)

you should keep his special to refresh the buff when the current one would expire.
You could se that on 00.25 ehen you double cast Greg’s special.

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Thanks for the tips @FraVit93 :slight_smile:
About the mana potions. I don’t really like to use many crafts for titans lower than 7*. And as for gems, I like to not rush in getting the best ones right away, but rather clear the board of the useless ones. Now, it’s true that sometimes I fail to do so , I should probably try to not rush that much.

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