Gregorion and Titans, seems about right! Part 2!

About 2 days ago I posted a video of Gregorion and a 6* titan and how useful he can be in such fights (video here: Gregorion and Titans, seems about right! ). Wishing to get the chance on trying him with stronger titans! My wish has come to fruition a day ago. When a fishy smell intoxicated the air, I knew that a well known and mostly hated Kraken showed up. A 7* titan just good for my Grimm-Gregorion and WU Kong combo.I must say(while waving the stinky fish goodbye) that I’m starting to only like them more and…more. You can see why in the video below. :slight_smile:


56k! 270k total, nice run!

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I like your videos but 1 thing: Why you always use axe and banner at start if you have 1-2 connected stuns to begin with. Doesnt it waste half the item?
Anyway good damage there!

As silly as it sounds, I haven’t thought about that. I just did it because It’s like I’m on autopilot when it comes to titans, I do everything as fast as possible so I don’t waste a second. I’m always happy to improve my skills Thanks for pointing that out. I have to try and fix it. :slight_smile:

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I do the same thing really, I don’t want to enter decision paralysis. I just nuke the titan with meteor strikes+arrows while I check the board and get cracking.

I know it’s sometimes wasteful, but it does make for easier decision making.

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