Gregorian - test on titans?

I have a question to people with luck which have a Gregorian.
How he ‘work’ on titans, i mean his special ability?
Perfectly if someone will have numbers, single dmg with and without him.
I don’t know that I should spend more gems on trying to get him.

I always struggled with numbers against blue titans, I usually ran Athena, Boldtusk, Lianna, Alby and Wu. 15-20k average against 8/9* blues

Landed Greg 3/70 now. Hitting for 25/30k average. So a lot better

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It’s kinda hard to you remember all the attacks you make… I doubt you have a sample size large enough to test that…

BTW, you gain more if you take Kiril instead of Boldtusk to a blue titan!!!

He is not one of that heroes that is “obligatory” to have… Since there is a lack of green heroes that have a good attack special, he is one more help to against blue titans…

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