Gregorian or Margaret for my green titan team?

My current green titan team is Miki(3-70), Hansel(4-70), Gregorian(3-70), Margaret (3-70), alberich (4-80).

I have Morgan and another Gregorian sitting on the bench. Saved enough tokens to hopefully get buddy in December. So, knowing that I may have to get rid of one of these green heroes to possibly make space for buddy, which one should I take to 4-80?

Arguments about Gregorian: he is probably not the one getting replaced. The elemental link and the crit rate is too important, but then again, his special is useful even at 3-70.

Arguments about Margaret: her high attack stat is really useful only if she get to 4-80. But, she is always the weak link, and if I don’t ascend her, she can make way for buddy.

Arguments about Morgan: she is not that good for titans, and besides, I have better heroes than her in my current titan lineup.

What is your experience with these heroes for titans?

Greg’s crit bonus is awesome for titans. Margaret’s tile damage is nice, but her special is pretty useless for titans since she doesn’t dodge normal damage


I can see Margaret’s special attack being more useful for rare titans rather than regular titans, since the rare ones do more damage with their specials to a hero.

That’s a pretty niche reason to ascend her imo, as far as titans go :stuck_out_tongue: Whereas Gregorion is more versatile against all titans overall.

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I have decent titan teams of each color. Green team is my weakest, coz I don’t have eve and buddy. So, either way, Gregorian or Margaret will only be used on a Blue titan. Does that change your recommendation?

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I’d still go Gregorion if you’re hoping for Buddy in Christmas. More useful element link for blue titans too. And you’ll appreciate his extended stamina to take hits when he’s maxed.


btw…Who do you replace Miki with on Rare’s?

I have both Margaret +1 and Gregorion 3/70, and for Titans, only ever use them against Blue. I find Greg’s critical hit rate more useful than Margaret’s raw tile damage. I say go with Greg.

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Take Margaret to 3/70 and wait for E&P to fix the mistake, like I did with Aegir. But for Gawds sake, leave her behind. There is good tile damage with a useful special to be had in green.

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Margaret isn’t a titan hero so the answer it’s easy :slight_smile:

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Ranvir 4-80, didn’t think I was gonna get Miki when I did his final ascension.

This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Thanks. I just ascended Gregorian finally.

I guess you are right.