Green & Yellow Ascension Advice

Alright community, I could use a bit of advice on which projects to pursue next.

I tried for a new green project throughout the month to no avail. I’m currently sitting on 10 tonics & 24 shields with 3 potential candidates. I have Guardian Chameleon (3.70), Elkanen (2.60) and recently pulled Horghall with his costume last chamber (both still sit at 1.1). Currently my only maxed green is Kingston. I’m still unsure of Chameleon. I like his ability, but it’s use is niche enough that I wonder if he fits my roster well enough to be worth tonics right away. Elkanen doesn’t seem to inspire anyone, but I think his fast mana gives him upside when paired with the right team. Horghall’s slow mana and lower defense are a turn off, but I wonder if the costume pushes him over the top enough to be useful. My mana troops have a ways to go to help him drop speed (all colors currently sit at level 10), but could almost see his -54% attack with the costume being worthwhile along with the stat bonuses.

I also have an admittedly smaller dilemma with my yellow heroes. I’ll be finishing Poseidon tomorrow, and already have a maxed Leonidas. In waiting I have Mist, as well as Vivica with her costume, both of whom are currently unleveled. I’ve got 12 orbs and 3 darts. My inclination is to go with Mist seeing as I’m waiting on darts still, but the lure of a 5* healer along with the flexibility her costume provides is so enticing that I don’t want to regret delaying her unnecessarily.

For context, my other current maxed 5* heroes include:
Purple: Seshat, Quintus
Yellow: Poseidon, Leonidas
Blue: Magni, Richard
Green: Kingston
Red: Anzogh, Marjanna.

Of note, my other current projects include Tyr (2.10) & Rigard (2.1 + unleveled costume). I also have many other classic 4*'s that are still staples for me such as Boldtusk (+18 & maxed costume), Grimm (+18), Melendor (+18 & maxed costume) as well as other important 4*'s such as Hansel (+18) & Proteus (currently +4 but receiving more).

I’m C2P, and used up the last of my birthday splurge money on a 10-pull during this Valhallla (10 3*'s…). My VIP just ran out, and I’ll be taking a break from spending for a bit, so no more plans for any other big pulls anytime soon. At this point, I’m going to do the best I can with what I’ve got. Any advice would be appreciated!

Mist seems to be pretty strong, if you do not need a healer right now I would go for her first, and then vivi. Vivi is worth it, even without the costume.

For the green elkanen first. There’s no question here. Go for the speed. From what I have seen from chameleon I would never waste tonics on it. Horghall is a maybe since you have the costume, the -54% attack might save you in raids, if you ever get the chance to use his ability.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Vivica for your Holy 5*, especially since you have the costume.
With regards to Nature, my advice would be to wait at least until the end of the month to see if you get the current HOTM - Telluria.
After that, you play with what you got. And Elkanen on max and with Emblems can be a beast, plus he has got a costume in Beta that makes him better.
Whatever you decide, Good Luck

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