Green with Envy, help me choose please

Kingston escaped and Lianna refuses to come. Yes as the title says I’m jealous of all those Kingston’s out there.

I’ve had bad luck pulling green cards. These are my choices, I’m only really considering Lady Locke. Is she worth ascending or not?

I wish they would buff Atamos so he could take his rightful seat on this team. Maybe someday.

If you are tanking with Ursena you could put Atomos even for the bonus he would bring to his family but the green heroes you would really want would be Alberich and Zeline.

Margaret shouldn’t be put in a defense, Lady Locke is good when paired with mana control to not let opponent’s cleanser do his job.

Your defense would be perfect with Gravemaker and Zeline as you would deal extra damage to yellow, blue and green, have a team cleanse and dispel on top of mana effects and attack reduction.


I’m a fan of Lady Locke. Big attack stat, almost 2700 damage over 4 turns. That Atlantis family bonus is intriguing but not worth the tonics in my opinion, Ursena tanks just fine on her own without it. Maybe one day Atomos will get his buff :upside_down_face::grin:

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I should have said it in my original post. My defense is holding up great.

To run the Atlantis defense I would have to strip Kunchen and emblem Ariel. Probably look like this

It is intriguing to do but I don’t think it would be a better defense just a cool different one.

Your right Zeline or Gm would really add to either. Thanks for helping me think it through.


So running mono with eve, lady,Hansel, Hansel, Mel or Jack would work well. Since I can control mana with the Hansel twins and get benefit from eves elemental def down.

Not quite the perfect pairing with eve but it should be fun.

Lady Locke!! Great titan hero… attack stats are a-mazing… and you get the dispel. She’ll be a great addition to your green stack as you continue to wait for Lianna… Hansel for the mana control and just let LL drain the life away.

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I’m going to pile on and suggest Lady Locke. There’s an article about fixing atomos on here. Now I don’t have either hero but I’d much rather have Lady Locke than Atomos.

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Lady Locke got her tonics. Thanks for all the advice.


Lady Locke seems like a good choice. How is she at 4/80 in raids?

Also, they desperately need to buff Atomos. With costumes out, S3 around the corner, New event heroes, Strong and stronger HOTM, it feel really bad they have neglected him for so long.

He seems to be in similar place as pre buff Aegir. Had potential to be really cool and good hero but he was just lackluster. SG finally realized this and made an appropriate buff that was sorely needed. Same case here SG. Buff Atomos!!!

@zephyr1 have you heard anything ever around an Atomos buff happening? it really needs to.

I only have her at 4/48 right now and I’m liking her. She’s definitely got her place on war teams, raid teams and my blue titan team.

I don’t think Ursena will share the Sorcerer emblems with her but she might get a few. I really wish Atamos was better, he would be great for following Evelyn. But until he’s buffed Lady was the right choice for me.