Green titans team Need Help

Hi Everyone,

I really struggle with blue titans vs the other colours. Here is some of the options I have to choose from.

Tarlak 3/70
Kingston +7
Kingston 4/80
Lianna +7
Telly +9
Hatter +5 (going to yank emblems off him though)

Non green
Ranvir + 7
Isarnia 4/80

Thoughts? Thanks in advance

Do you have Peters? Or any of other the 4* like Caedmon or Little John?

I run Ranvir (because I just got Tarlak last AR) - Evelyn - Kingston - Hatter - Peters

Since that’s what you listed I’d run Ranvir/Tarlak - Kingston - Kingston - Hatter - Lianna

I try to fire from left to right when I fire them so I like to place them in the order I think will be most beneficial. Hope this helps

I mean if you want to run mono your green team is pretty good, why do you struggle with blue titans so much? Maxing Tarlak would help a bit.

Ranvir isn’t even an option vs blue if you have Tarlak. And you need a hero that decreases defense even if it’s off-color.


Dragon Banner
100% mana (mostly for Isarnia)
25% mana/(Random healing potion)
Tornado :grinning:/(Harpoon)

I haven’t gotten my Telluria up but I feel she isn’t a great fit. Minions always slow it down a tad, her attack is low and the heal over time has conflicts with Tarlak. And you do not want to run Ranvir and Telluria instead. Others would have to chime in how she fares, won’t make my team when maxed either.

Blue and red titans are my favorite ones but you are missing other special heroes. You should be good for 80-100k sometimes if bringing Tornados, but can’t do that all the time.

Great advice, dropping Ranvir for Tarlak and using the dragon banner really has helped. Just got too caught up in ranvir being levelled candy Tarlak not.

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