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I have seen someone post a few years ago about an all green defense team. I am nowhere ready to have the mats for them, but I happened to get a Heimdall and 2 Telluria within the last month. Paired with Kashrek’s special against Fire and I’d have a decent team. I have a 4-70 Little John and a Lianna at 2-30 that can fill out the roster. I realize not enough hitters and too many healers, but Bad idea???

What are you needing this team for and what are all your Nature options?

A couple of shiny new nature heroes a team does not make.


I have only been playing for about 2 to 2 1/2 months, so I am still learning. I don’t know if it would make a good defense team or not. I am typically around 1800 cups. I might climb to the low 2000’s only to get pushed again to 1700. Just seeing if this is a team that will get me to a higher cup total. I also have skittleskull, gadeirus, brynhild, caedmon, melendor, but most of these are unleveled.

Oh no…you don’t want to set a mono (1 color) defense especially for someone only a couple of months into playing.

If you’re fine with it I think it would be better to rephrase your thread & request as “new player seeking defense advice” while also posting your entire roster so the helpful forum-ites can provide long-term feedback in your gaming journey


It would be a very soft team. You need more attack.
Liliana must be your first option for leveling a 5* because is more important improve your attack teams.
But better work with 4* because 5* material consuption is enormeous.

Thanks. I figured it wasn’t the best idea but at the time it seemed like so.

There’s a wide array of advice for new players with links to each thread found here:

Things I wish people told me:
5 Star heroes are resource expensive to level. Most (if not all) heroes in the game don’t reach their full potential until they are fully maxed out. As such to get the most bang for your buck (beyond what little power on each card says) you want to focus on fleshing out a roster of fully leveled/maxed heroes.

Of the 4 star heroes you mentioned I would immediately level Brynhild and Melendor as there is no such thing as too many healers (actually if you have 6 fully maxed of each healer you have too many)

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I wasn’t looking to making this monochrome team for now…by the way. This was more of a long term idea. At this point, I typically use a rainbow team for my defense and offense, but I am learning this might not be the best option all of the time.

A mono defense team is too vulnerable to color stacking, and to heroes that ‘do extra vs green.’ If all other things were equal, a rainbow team would be best on defense.

Also, 2 Telluria, Heimdall, and Lianna will require a total of 24 Mysterious Tonics and 32 Sturdy Shields. That’s going to take a lot of time to gather (years).

For OFFENSE, on the other hand, Mono is very viable.

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I’m jealous of your Tellurias! I pulled about 100 times this month now, still nothing…

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