Green Team , need advice please!

Currently i have Lianna at 4/80 and 6 tonics… to whom shall i give it ?
I have:
Evelyn, Tarlak, Gregorion, Kaidlein and Elk at 3/70
Horghall and Atomos at 1/1

Please Help …

Evelyn. Will only make Lianna and everyone else you level thereafter hit hard.

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Eve debuff can work at 3^70. Tarlak is powerfull but his def is very weak, max him first for longer survive and higher atk stat.

Evelyn at 4/80 is very good on her own, paired with Lianna pretty deadly. Also quite good for events.
Still, choosing between her and Tarlak would be a bit of a coin flip for me.

Definitely Tarlak, dont get me wrong Evelyn is good and paired with Lianna makes the last one even more devastating but most of the AM’s come from titans and thats what Tarlak do, help you doing big numbers without having to use a walking stick like when you use Wu.

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I maxed Tarlak first, he needs it to make him more survivable, and he can be used on every color titan team…Evelyn sat at 3/70 for a long time, but was still helpful when stacking greens, even not maxed.

Tx guys … Then i guess Tarlak is gonna be !!

I have a similar problem.

I have enough shields to raise a couple of greenies (only 4 tonics) but not sure where to go first. None of them will be on my main attack team but might go with a mono or in wars. I currently have Frigg, Almur, Tettukh and Melendor maxed.

I can’t decide between finishing Buddy who’s sitting at 3/60, or leaving him there and start working on Elkanen, Kadilen, Brynhild or Bertila all untrained as of yet. If I pick a 5* they will be stuck at 3/70 pending a couple of tonics.

Any thoughts?

To the 5*, I’d max Bertila first, she’s hard hitting nature hero for events and ninja tower, after her Kadilen. Her special attack can keep your heroes alive in offense. And you’ll need more 4*

Work on Buddy first. Ascend him. Max him. And if you can, emblem him. He is a good epic hero to have.

Then work on your legendaries to 3/70. Play them at that level. You’ll have enough time to determine which hero fits your playstyle. Or it might be probable that when you have all 6 tonics, a better nature legendary lands on your lap (winking at Kadilen’s costume). Brynhild is also good.

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I was thinking along those lines. Finish Buddy. I do have emblems I can give him.

I was leaning towards Kadilen next in the hopes that eventually I’ll land her costume. That may not be a winning strategy since it relies on a lot of good luck and I’d be better served raising one I can use more in the nearer future.

Likewise question: I’ve got C-Lia max and 1 at 3/70. Other green 5* are unmaxed 1st generation.
Should I use my tonics to max 2nd C-Lia or wait or level another hero?

I have Almur maxed and I’m leveling my second CLianna just now for my mono.

What other options do you have at 4* and how do you plan on using those other 5*?

I’m inclined to say a second C. Lianna because she’s by far and away the better hero.

4* melendor in progress.
Otherwise my green team = c-Lia maxed, Almur, Zeline max (forgot to mention her), c-old man max (forgot his name) + often Grevle.

I’ve got max Kasshrek and LJ 3/70, but they are less useful to me

Edit: I think 2nd C-Lia will be a great advantage in war as well because I can quickly finish her.
I’m not inclined to use the other S1 greens immediatly because without costumes a 2nd costumed old man is cheaper, faster and maybe even better with emblems

I am very curious with that old man. Is he James Earl Jones?