Green Stack for Titans and Raids - where does Buddy fit? 💚

Dear National Observers of Boards Strategy

Here are my green titan and mono teams:

I was fortunate to pull buddy this Christmas, and his rare green Def down is a great asset, but where does he fit?

In the titan team, Gadeirus is used to boost the attack of the somewhat sluggish elk and Groot, but I assume he’s the one to go?

In the mono team, Gad keeps LJ in the fight and the slow trio provide a decent AoE sledgehammer, but would Buddy supplant Gad or LJ for improved flexibility?

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I would go


But I’m a hack so who knows if that’s useful. Regardless I think Buddy should be a flank if you want to use him.


On your titan team I’d put Buddy in for Gaderius. Defense down is more effective than attack up, and this is even more impactful in this case sine Gaderius doesn’t even buff everyone’s attack. Additionally, have you tried Little John in Elkanen’s spot? His tile damage should be much higher, which is the name of the game against titans. If you are dealing with high level titans LJ can require a lot of item usage to keep alive, but I use him all the way up to 13 and 14* titans. I imagine your Horghall’s attack is lower than Elk’s, so he could be the one you sub out, but his attack down is more beneficial to the team.


Buddy also has an attack down so Horghall’s debuff isn’t as important.


Good point. I think I have a mental block about that aspect of his special, I always forget it.

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Buddy - Evelyn - Elkanen - LJ - Wu Kong

If you want bring +att buff Gadeirus, make sure surounded by green highest attack tiles, like this example:
Buddy - Evelyn - Gadeirus - LJ - Wu Kong


But… Buddy is not as good as Wilbur…
Buddy: All enemies get -34% defense for 3 turns
Wilbur: All enemies get -44% defense for 4 turns
And also Wilbur bonus is plus survivability.

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But Wilbur’s tile damage is less effective against blue titans… it’s a tricky one

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My thoughts exactly. Which one wins-Wilbur (off color, but better buffs) or Buddy (500 or so on the green stack and slightly less buffing).
I’d try to work Buddy in, too, but I’m really not sure what my line up would be. Following to see what develops.

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This is something I didn’t think of. I typically try to buff the lower attacks but thinking over the damage calc theory, brining the highest attack up over the defence characteristic could be a much better use of the buff, as you suggest.


In theory yes, make sense, more green can get more strong tiles.
But in practice, I always bring Wilbur on every Titan, except rare reflect red tiles.
I will try next time without wilbur and with wilbur to compare, I already have Buddy but not yet maxed, later after maxed I will report here. I do not have evelyn though.


Similarly @jinbatsu, I put my attack troops on my low attack heroes to try to level the playing field. Would you suggest I go all-in and to maximize a couple of attack stats?

Yes, definitely… I always choose attack troops for the highest attack stat heroes, because the calculation uses percent.


@jinbatsu this idea about troops is the first time in a while that I’ve been provided with some advice that will change my overall game strategy :grin:

I’ll try different permutations of titan stacks and try to report back too.


Titans: Between Evelyn and Wu Kong, the minions would help your major source of damage to stay alive.

Elkanen - Gadeirus - Evelyn - Buddy - Wu Kong
Horghall: to the bench

Mono team:
Between Evelyn and Elkanen, to keep alive your winning condition.

Evelyn - Buddy - Elkanen - Gadeirus - Horghall
Little John: to the bench


What’s even crazier is that depending on what you have for troops, your rare troops may offer more attack than your epic troops. For instance, my level 6 epic crit troop gives me +14% attack, but my level 5 rare crit troop gives me +15% attack. Of course, the epic troop has twice the crit %, as well as other improved stats, but I think crit is all or nothing if you’re stacking (just like blind), so then it wouldn’t matter who’s getting the extra crit. Could be wrong on that though.

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I confess that I maxed Buddy after summoning him last year but he has fallen down the pecking order because he fails to boost green stack scores as much as hoped.

I can list many things I like about Buddy but the gist of the issue is that at average mana you need to constantly juice him to fire ahead of the fast mana hitters. His very low attack stat mean he doesn’t do much tile damage and I found that my titan hits were better replacing Buddy with another high attack stat green. I also use Eve and LJ but the other options I have differ from yours (experimenting with costumed Melendor now with some emblems), Hatter, Morgan le Fey, Hansel, Jack o’Hare. I use Wu in the stack, he helps, he gets fed jazz salts if he needs to fire once Eve has fired and there are some green tiles to match.

Wilbur was slightly more effective on Blue titans than Buddy for me, in part because he helps keep LJ alive and the extra defense down makes up for the tile damage you lose from Buddy to Wilbur. That said, Wilbur has proved less effective than Eve, +3 high attack stat greens + Wu.

We are fighting 8*/9* titans, higher level titans mean LJ needs more help. Hope this helps.


Very interesting.

My titans are 11* so I expect pretty high attrition on my team over 90 seconds. This is why I have gad in the team instead of Mel or skittles who have better attack stat.

I don’t mind average mana too much - I often use slow.

But I will have to consider Wilbur…

I recently added Wu on yellows because my scores with BT were uninspiring.


If you have enough Time Stops and Tornados (or mana pots), a bold decision is putting COSTUMED BRIENNE as the Def down dealer. Yeah, a 3* hero against powerful titans.

to be fair to wilber and give the RNG of the board, I suggest at least 2 flags in each way and maybe 3

I would go with:

Titan Team - Eve, Gad, Elk, Buddy, Wu (In that order, just so Buddy’s minions get heroes)
Mono Team - Horgall, Gad, Elk, Buddy, Eve

I like LJ, but my complaint with him is, being slow. By the time he’s ready to fire, enemy heroes will most likely have fired once so far. Half way through a fight, I’d rather have Gad ready to go than LJ.

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