Green queue

Hi forum, again I have doubts of how to proceed with my green queue.
Currently I’m finishing Yunan as my first green 5*.
This is my current leveled green roster apart from Yunan at 4.74. (maxxed where not otherwise stated)

4*: Melendor+20, (C)Little John+9, Caedmon+3, Caedmon 3.48
3*: Hisan, Isshtak, Muggy, (C)Belith (C at 2.1), (C)Friar Tuck 3.6 (C @1.1), (C) Brienne 2.37 (C@2.12)

Unleveled are:
5* Zocc, Elkanen
4* Gobbler, Skittles, 3xCaedmon, Kashhrek, LJ, 2x Mel
3* Grevle, By-Ulf, Muggy, Hisan, Mnesseus, Berden

I hesitate to put up either Zocc or Elkanen just yet as I’m sorta short on tonics (currently 5), also I feel that my green 3s lack firepower. on the other hand there’s that unfinished Caed, CBrienne, CBelith and then again for war I could do with another Mel and for no-red-4-tourneys I’d like the lizard.
I tend towards the following queue but would be glad for some more insights:

Mnesseus, CBelith, Berden, Grevle, Caed to 3.60, CBrienne, Kashhrek, Caed to 4.70, Mel, Gobbler, LJ.

Would you drop the 5* anywhere in there or keep the tonics in hope for sth better (I’m close to f2p so there might be a long time waiting)?
Is Grevle so powerful that I should move him up the ladder? What about CBrienne? I feel like she might be awesome but it’s another support while I’m lacking firepower which is why Mnesseus and Berden are in the top 3. If Belith is in the team maybe I should rather exchange spots on Mnesseus and Berden?!
What about the 4* options.
Thanks for your thoughts.
Best, J

Max those epic and legendary heroes at their third tier and get a feel of how they perform from there. If you like it, max the said hero.But first, there are several threads here pointing you to a perspective which hero is which. Please use the search tool of this forum and you will read tons of threads of interest. Good luck.

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Well, I have read tons of threads regarding green 5* and 4*. Of most 4s I have, I have a pretty clear picture of how they perform, as they are dupes, whereas I have no clear idea of how valuable maxxed dupes might be. My second Proteus i.e. has not really seen much action apart from AW. But there are more experienced players than me out there who might see the bigger picture and comment on the queue and priorities. Right now I see my 3* Tourney green stack as underwhelming, which is why I prioritze that singe I don’t have any 5s or 4s that I could prioritize for Titans, events or wars as far as I can see. But maybe that is a misconception someone might point out. Haven’t read any favorable reviews on Zocc yet and Elk doesn’t receive that much praise either, so I’m inclined to stock up that 3* roster first.

For the 3*s
My suggestion would be : Grevle, C.Brienne, Mnesseus, Berden, C- Frair., C- Belith in that order, all of these would not need none farmable mat, so they can be achieved quickly enough.

Of the 4* s, you have a Caed maxed with emblems and a Mel, a second healer would always be useful, so I suggest a second Mel, Skittles then second Caed.

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I’d probably do Zocc to 3/70 first. He’s one of those heroes like Malosi who can be effective even at 3/70.

I don’t think there is much point in maxing a 2nd LJ, 2nd Mel, or 3rd Caedmon at this moment. You already have Yunan for tank so no point in Kashhrek except for 4* tournament tank. And I wouldn’t bother with Gobbler. Skittle can potentially be one of those relatively high tile dmg heroes but he’s also slow.

See if you can pull Frigg or Almur this coming week for Valhalla :crossed_fingers:

Probably echoing advice already given…

4*… caed is worth having a dupe especially with costume. not sure what your other healer options are but I’d go dupe of Rigard and Bold before I’d max another Mel. So Skittle would be after caed on my list.

3*… Mnesseus and Berden are solid options. And Hisan as a dupe isn’t a bad option. But I’d prioritize Grevle before him.

I’d hold off on either of those 5s for now.

Other 4* healers are BT+19, Rigard+19, Kiril+6, Gullinbursti 4.52, Sabina 1.1, Rigard 1.1

So there’s a maxxed 4* option in virtually every color.

5* healers: Red Hood 3.21, Raffaele 2.20

I’m really under a Mel spell. I’ve already fed away 3 and still have 3…

I like his attack stat though.

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I say work on Grevle right away. He’s a great little guy.

Edit : I just noticed all those unfinished 3*. Finish them and their costumes and then max Grevle

It depends of how many Sturdy Shields you have got at the moment.

If you have 8 of the Sturdy Shields ready. I would recommend to level Zooc and Elkanen to tier 3/70 first for better use in quests and challenges.

3* green are very good and you need them for 3* dedicated activities. Brienne+C and Friar Tuck+C should be prioritize because Hisan and Isstak stacked together with one of those supporters will be very beneficial.

Brienne+C will lower the defense of opponents across the board.
Friar Tuck+C will heal and boost the mana speed of your team across the board.

  1. cBrienne : she will improve drastically your titan scores and is a most have hero for the events.
  2. Caedmon 2
  3. I would probably at this point work on elkanen before zocc. As mentioned above zocc can work at 3.70 but most of all if you don’t have the level 23 mana troop (or 17 with emblems), fast hero will be a better choice at the beginning to improve your war scores.
  4. if you are aiming for the avalon event ranking : mnesseus + berden + ishhtak + hisan (+cBrienne who would already be levelled) is a good team otherwise bring zocc to 3.70 (unless you manage to pull almur or Brynhild)

I would not ascend neither skittelskull nor 2nd LJ unless you have their costume. Slow heroes does not make you win except in rush tournament.

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