Green & purple hero leveling/ascending

Hi all :slight_smile:

Since I’ve got a lot of good purples and greens I’m having a hard time to choose in which order I should max them. Also who would you consider the best one for ascending?

Also I planed on putting 1 from each of these elements in my defense beside these 3, who would you choose?

Ik its always hard to give advice when you dont know what else I got, every advice or thought is highly appreciated tho :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and cheers

since this game is about killing, i will choose khonsu and guanyu.

at least they are good on offense.

not sure on defense. rayne heimdall maybe better on defense

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for your purples, Daiochan, Louhi, and Khonshu should be your primary focus. Diaochan is an awesome healer and minions stealing bufgs is a pain. Louhi habing priority debuff is nice. And Khonshu is Khonshu. I’ll add Grimble to the list as he can pair nicely with Guan Yu.

Greens: Guan Yu, Iku-Turso, and Francine.
Guan Yu is awesome against minion teams since he can soften up the enemy teams with minions so minion killers and other heroes like Skadi, can utilize their skills to the max. Iku-Turso is still a new hero, but players are enjoying him. And Francine is nice for the debuffs.

On your current defense, I’d add Daiochan, and either Guan Yu, or Iku-Turso.

Whomever you choose it up to you, but these are my thoughts on the heroes you should level up.

Thanks so much for your toughts, i will level them in this order :smiley: