ℹ Green Knight – 5* Nature / Green from Knights of Avalon

Defense close to 5900, and I took two 3*, two 4* and one 5* to the squad. There are no cards that win fights without blocks. The knight won the fight alone on 4 cards. The bricks were there, but he won most of all with a unique special ability.

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I agree, great battle against a hard and OP team

I think that the board was not the key here, a single hero without a healing support against four Top Heroes is Just possible because his skill.


I rescind my criticisms. He’s great. I will not limit break him bc you want him to die.

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Yeh i got this from the pity counter, atmos, but gg has defense down first.

I cant tell you how many times he has completely saved my ■■■ on offense. Even as an attacker, the defense down before the attack can be lethal. And he takes some real strategy to use overall because you him to die so he needs timing and luck from the boards so you can heal him. But he is so fun!


He still has to cast his special.

I’d limit break him but not give him emblems so the fighter revive doesn’t interfere.

This. Even with 2LB his hp is intentionally lower than what youd think it should be. This incentivizes him to die. Love using him against counterattack teams. Assisted suicide and then the DAMAAAAAAAAAGE


Green Knight needs a serious buff - hes really no better than lame ole atomos

right now its wasted to spend any resources on him in my opinion
they released so many better heroes last couple of months :frowning:

compared to uber op anne from the same event he is a complete joke really

in my experience, he doesn’t revive if he dies during the counter attack when he fires his special.

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Why not? Better status, higher damage and 665 damage after revive. He is better than Átomos

This is the issue. SG release so many OP heroes so fast, that some good one are not enough any more.

That’s strange he should unless that’s a bug :thinking:

I think It is not a bug. The skill start on “the next 5 turns” , so the revive starts in the next turn after the damage. If he dies on counter attack he Will not revive. I tried, and He not revive If dies.


Oh sorry I misread that to mean he doesn’t revive if he dies from counterattack during the 5 turns, I re-read your initial comment and it makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Pulled a 3rd one today.

My initial green knight does run into the talent override issue upon death. That needs to be fixed asap.

@ProfessorBlaq I think a few people have tested this and stated that Green Knight always revives with his ability rather than his talent (unless he dies from firing his special on enemies with counterattack). I’ve also personally never experienced this talent override issue. If you’re seeing otherwise, might be good to share some screenshots so it can be reported as a bug? :thinking:

Ill record my next match with him.

1st time this happened to me, but still not sure if i got dispelled or buff immunity or something. Does any of the opponents cause stuff like that?

Reading the picture: GK had surely used his special less than 3 turns ago, (3 turn def down is still applied to opponents). Ogima killed my team and GK revived from fighter talent. What did i miss? Someone steals, dispells, blocks buffs? The only dead opponent is Ludvig.

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I don’t know well these heroes, but is it possible that Sorrow moved something (with her passive) to GK and you didn’t notice? “Dispell buff” from your Kai?
Edit: or rather buff immunity from Nemesis, as I read her SS

That’s possible, Nemesis only used her 1st charge (the gray mana thing on opponents), but I might have used Kai on Sorrow and apparently she has passive that does that… So myth of wrongly reviving GK keeps as a myth.

What path did you guys take with him??? Is he worth 2 LBing over Archie???