Green heroes

It would be nice if there were regular green heroes in the game, adding an attack and punching defense, such as Tiburtus, Gormek, Kiril, Boldtusk, Izarnia etc. The only such green hero is 3* Brienne.

Berden is a green 3* hero with ~325% of damage to enemy
Isshtak is a green 3* hero with ~260% of damage to enemy
Carver is a green 3* hero with ~145% of damage to enemies

Caedmon has a strong attack and debuffer. Does that count?

I mean 4-5* heroes to use them on titans.

I mean heroes increasing attack to allies or decreasing defense to enemies.

oh, sorry Bob.
Now I get that you want green heroes with sundering armor and boost attack. My bad.

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My English is not good enough to explain correctly, what l mean.

Ah ok. I guess if every colour had every skill it would be boring

Nature element is still the weakest of them all, IMHO… The only ones I ever found worth having are Caed, Lianna and Gandalf… Zeline is a recent addition but is a 5* so I’m not sure I’d count her in as few have her. July will bring us a new addition to the element but I think we need better 4* green hereoes…


Green is definitely lacking. I still can’t decide if I should bring 2 blue (kiril+Grimm) and 2 green vs Titan or if I should bring 4 green.
But like Wormwood said, July will be a useful green HOTM.
People are also suspecting the next new challenge event (we don’t know when it’ll be released) will have a 5* green. Here’s to hoping he’s Arthurian.


For blue Titans I’ve been doing exactly that, Kiril/Grimm/Zeline/Morgan/Wu.

Like the rest of you, I wish there were better green options.

LJ decreases mana and packs a punch

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