Green heroes and talent tree

What are the best 4 star green hero for my team? Just got Caedmon, Melendor and Skittleskull. Other 4 star in my main team are Grimm, Tiburtus, BoldTusk and Wukong.

For each type of hero class, what is the best talent to pick for each class?


hope this helps

20 emblems


Can I say kudos to u for showing Morgan Le Fey for exactly how awsome she is. I love her and she is my second favorite lady… maybe close 3rd on my team with Mother North at 1 and Athena at 2 but Morgan close on her heals. No one ever talks about Morgan and she is all around a BEAST. Not to mention u essentially can fire off her special and as long as she stays alive not worry about the hero u just hit for 4 turns. Love her!!!


I use Morgan Le Fay as well in my best team. She is one of, if not my favorite hero, and I also think that she is very underrated and hardly spoken off. My experience with Morgan is that when I have used her in raids and wars and the battle comes down to Morgan against one opposing 5* hero, I find Morgan stands victorious about 95-100% of the time. Seshat has her days, and some heroes have a status ailment resist capability, but even then, they just have to hope it buys them enough time, because Morgan Le Fay can be very deadly, and you just have to manipulate the green tiles until you get her special skill going.

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