Green hero war bench - who should I ascend?

Hey guys!

I have Elkanen, Lady Locke, and Morgan Le Fay all at 3/70.

In terms of building my war bench and who would be most useful in a war, who should I acsend?

Thanks all!!

Morgan Le Fey, lady lock, elkanen

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I wish my maxed morgan was Lady instead, Locke’s cleanse is very useful and the dot damage is far better… only downside to lady is average speed but depending on mana troop levels, that may not be an issue for you.

MLF absolute first, then I’d go for Elkanen.

True that LL gets more healing, but it’s over time and she doesn’t shine in defense.
Elkanen is sturdier and he gets all HP immediately. In my opinion, that makes him harder to kill

MLF - the best wing for field aid
Elk - all rounder PITA wing for all AW situations
Locke - better use for offense even @ 3/70 with her high tile damage

Cool thanks for the feedback guys!

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