Green hero of the month

The New hero of the month (green) ability must be bugged. I have ares and when i use ares ability first that heal for 200 every round and then use the New hero (green) ability that does the same it only uses the Greens heals. And currently that heals for 100 less eatch round. So that kinda makes his ability useless if u have ares. If they don’t stack atleast the higher heal should count and the other should continue when the higher buff ends

This is not a bug, this is by design. All hero specials work like that. If the effect is the same kind the later replaces any existing one. Not just heals, but buffs and penalties too.

For example if you activate Gormek to give a defense penalty and then opponent activates magni for a defense bonus, it will remove the penalty and then apply the bonus in full. They are not added, neither will the old one return after the new one expires.


A buff should benefit your team right? But when it replace a stronger buff with a weaker of the same kind it seems kind of waste

I wish the stronger buff remained and the weaker was ignored, but Arien is right, the most recent buff is the one that is played; it depends on the player to know which of his team to play and when.


Well if you don’t want to replace then you have to wait for the old one to disappear. Sometimes you want to cast before the old one is totally gone. Like a situation where you have both Gormek and Grimm. When Gormek’s debuff has one turn left, you should activate Grimm to do extra damage from the Gormek debuff and then refresh it with Grimm’s debuff. If it worked like @Rook suggested it would be bad if the new one would be ignored. Also how do you value different kind of buffs. Is Athena stronger than grimm? Sure by value but Grimm lasts longer. Is protection from holy worse than protection from all? You can’t do an easy comparison. Different mechanics that still replace each other. Also how would you compare bonus and penalty?

Personally I would like to make bonuses and penalties on separate replacing lines. So bonus and penalty can both exist and they are added. But multiple bonuses and penalties would not stack.

Still, any change in this system would need a lot of re-balancing work. As it would make some heroes stronger and some weaker.

Rats, I’m always wrong! :smile:

Some heroes are already way stronger. I see u compare grimm and Athena. And i can tell u no one in their right mind would ever use a grimm over Athena just because it last longer. There is no way you can get that kind of dmg on a titan using grimm instead of Athena.
And if you don’t have the right heroes u might be forced to use the Green hero buff when ares is active and that doesn’t benefit you at all might save 1 hero you want to keep alive but that can result in 3 others that get less healing and die because u used 2 hero buffs that should benefit you.
Find it Stranger that a buff might actually benefit the enemy team indtead of your team if you have to use it at a bad time

t.y. for that info coz i have both athena and grimm. someone says athena is weak hearoe…

I’d be happy to have their Athena if they think she’s weak. There’s a reason she’s considered one of the best heroes in the game.


Athena is everything Grimm is, on steroids, with durability of a 5*. Athena May be the best hero ever released.


Indeed she is … and I am sure of that cause I never get a game changing cards like Athena or Guin :smile:

I must be lucky… it was just 3 pulls and yes i got her first…

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