Green for the titan?

I usually use Caedmon as green against the titans. It has a great attack and helps my heroes arrive alive to the end (8* titans).

At the time of double color (against blue titans) I put Lianna (4/70), same attack but direct damage.

I’m currently upgrade Hansell, but I’m not sure what order to use with these three characters.

Lianna is strictly better than Caedmon vs titans, so you should use her as your first option. Hansel is also great since he can stop the titan from casting its special, and deals good damage.


Blue Titans
Lianna > Hansel > Caedmon

Rare Titans


I’d like to revive this topic.
Currently I have Caedmon and Little John maxed. And I use them agains blue titans. However, the result is pitiful.
Other greens at my disposal are:
Kadilen 3/70
Jack O’Hare 3/60
Caedmon 3/60
Skittleskull 1/1
Kashhrek 1/1
Little John 1/1

Little John is usually killed very quickly so maxing the second one doesn’t seem like a good idea. Kashhrek is not an offensive hero at all. Skittleskull? He has a good tile damage stat, but is slow and has a defense like a Little john, so will, probably, give a similar result.

As I’m not a p2w player my chances of getting (not more than $7 a month) Hansel are weak. What else? Some Atlantise hero? Pray on TC20 to produce me Lianna?

What level Titan are you at?

Bring a healer/buffer like Boldtusk or Kiril and they will survive longer.

I don’t have Kadilen, so can’t speak from experience there. Jack O’Hare doesn’t last long with a titan after he attacks, which is his great drawback. Skittleskull is a bit underrated, in my opinion. Her special gives the target minus 34% attack for 6 turns… which can be quite helpful.

7 - 9 *

I usually have Rigard, but it is not enough for withstanding 9* Titan hits. Healing postions and Turtle banners help to live a bit longer, but they don’t increase damage.

Have you tried switching troops around? I would put troops with most defensive stats on Little John and Attack troops on Caedmon. Arrows also help and when I can’t get the titan stun I try to make the move that clears the MOST amount of tiles so you have better chances of getting some greens. I also recommend dragon or bear banner for any titans you do not have a counter-color attack buffer for.

Also, can you list the rest of your blue titan team? Wu kong? Defense Debuffer? Attack buffers?

For regular titans:
Little John

For Rare with blue reflection all the same, but Kadilen instead of Grimm.

Well you definitely need a Wu Kong so I would continue running TC20s a Melendor would be great for your team too. Is your Justice max? I used to have more success with running double ramming pulverizers like Grimm + Tiburtus since it will help keep a defense down on the titan at all times and defense down is even more important than attack buff.

I completely agree with you. :wink:

That is also true. As well as some hope to get Lianna.

So far she is my only yellow 5*.

Will give it a try. Thank you for the idea.