Green defense debuffer? For rare blue titan

Anyone know?

Green defense debuffer? For rare blue titan
Like grimm tiburtus

Thank you :slight_smile:

20 chatrssssssssssss

Currently there is no green tiburtus or grimm. Maybe they will introduce it soon ? Hope so…

I predict that they will introduce a green armor debuffer before the year is up for it has been written in the stars!

Make it so oh great and powerful Gods of the Puzzleverse!

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Moderator edit

No sharing of beta images on the forum please

I am well aware that they can be Googled, that’s an individual’s prerogative. Any beta player sharing images risks their account.



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Héros du mois de décembre

I thought you all were just joking around. Did you really not know that Evelyn is coming out in 4 days?

He is asking for Green Armor Debuffer, not Green Elemental Debuffer lol…

Potato potato, yellow doesnt have a regular armor debuffer either.

Elemental armor debuffer is whats important.

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Oh that’s awesomeness

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