Green day, Gregorion or Morgan le Fay?

My 50 days old junior account managed to pull Gregorion with Atlantis coins and earlier I got Morgan from my first pull ever. Currently I’m working with Caedmon (4/20) and also Carver is maxed. I have also Kashhrek, Little John and Gobbler waiting their time plus some 3*s.

I’m not familiar with either of 5s but both look nice to me. Should I start working with Gregorion or Morgan when Caedmon is ready? Or forget both until I get matts (I have three sturdy shields left) and look for 4s instead?

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The biggest problem with pulling 5* on a reasonably new account is that the cost to feed them ends up being a drag on your development. Something similar happened to me, as I pulled Elk as my first 5*, and discovered after a few weeks investment that his appetite exceeded my production.

I recommend your first goal is to put together a good 4* team and get them fully leveled. Caed is a great 4*. If you pulled nothing else by the time Caed is finished, LJ has great tile damage.


It’s going to take time to fully ascend a team, I do have heroes and some more, but I’m lacking matts. Thanks to Atlantis rising I’m not lacking recruits, two training camps are level 11 and have 50 days to go, third is training common for 3 days and then will make uncommon for a week.

Right now my rooster is
Red: Boldtusk 4/38, Scarlett 3/60, and Wilbur is next one after BT. Nashgar is maxed. No blades at the moment.
Dark: Cyprian 3/60, Tiburtus 3/60 and I’m working with Proteus who will get trap tools. Quintus, 2xAmeonna and second Cyprian are in line.
Holy: Chao 3/60, Li Xiu 3/36, Hu Tao is waiting. Bane is also maxed. I only have one orb.
Blue: Sonya 3/60, Grimm 3/11, Boril is waiting and Gunnar is maxed. Two capes.

So I really would like to know more about Gregorion vs Morgan, because otherwise I don’t know what to do when waiting those orbs to get “fully leveled four star team”.

Greg is generally considered the better of the two. He gets a small ding for not being fast Mana, and his crit buff only affects tile damage (which makes it good for titans).

Morgan’s biggest claim to fame is she can be hard to kill on defense, especially in the corner. Her fast mana mean’s she gets her fangs into the attackers early and often.

I would pick Greg over Morgan, but I wouldn’t give either shields until you have at least a few tonics on hand. You don’t want to give Greg shields and then Pull Lianna.

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Thank you @Iorwerth

I think I’ll work with Gregorion when Caedmon is ready and try him a bit. Tonics will take time, i think both G et MLF will be 3/70 and LJ and other 4 stars are maxed before I get tonics.

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