Green choice

My raid defense team: Alberich, Ursena, Guenievre, Alice, Kingston.
I don’t need a other green to replace Alby or Kingston.
My green team for raid war:
Alberich +8, Buddy, Lianna + 3, Melendor (cost) + 9, Kingston +9

I have the possibility to up a new 5 star green to replace melendor or buddy in my green war team : my different choices are:
Telluria 1,1
Kingston#2 3,70
Lianna#2 3,70
The Hatter 1,1
Zeline 3,70
Alberich#2 3,70

What would you do ?

Very nice choices… I would max Telluria, Zeline, then 2nd Alby, in that order.

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