Green Chaos

I’m looking for new members to start a new alliance. I’m a F2P player looking for more of us. Please join Xtreme Chaos. To learn and share.

I’m guessing not afiliated with the other Xtreme Alliances?

Some handy things to include in your advertisement:

  1. What Titans you’re hitting (or plan to hit)
  2. War expectations
  3. War strategy or not?
  4. External Communications Needed? (Line, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook etc…)
  5. How many player’s you’re looking for
  6. Trophy Requirements?
  7. Team Power Requirements?
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Did you miss starting a new alliance?

Nope… I didn’t… I was just making a suggestion which MIGHT help to get you some additional recruits within a desired bracket…

But whatevs… GL then.

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There is already a family of xtreme alliances, could be some confusion if you’re not associated with them.

Btw… @Guvnor was trying to help :confounded:, he has a little, OK a lot, of recruiting expertise.


Even if you are starting a new alliance, you need to have a goal in mind for your alliance, otherwise how do you expect players to be motivated enough to follow you. So if I were you I would take the suggestions given by @Guvnor :slight_smile:


Oh good lord, I need people to join. This has nothing to do with other alliances.

I just changed the name to Green Chaos. Is that better? Because I need people.

I’ve updated the title of your post to say “Green Chaos”

Starting a new alliance can be a hard slog! Wishing you the best of luck with your quest :slight_smile:

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