“Green button” only our possible choices

Greetings, All. If this is right in front of my face and I’m missing it please tell me. If not, I think it would be wonderful if when crafting, training or what have you, only possible tasks are highlighted.

Perhaps the button is green if you have all of the ingredients for the task? When you’re on the base view there are green arrows for the units that you have sufficient resources to upgrade and this is basically the same idea. It would be easier than clicking on every button to see what can or cannot be crafted/trained. Obviously you can always still click on the button to see what you’re lacking to make or do that thing but for quicker choice without needing to know that I think this feature would be advantageous.

Thank you for your time and have an awesome day.

this would be a cool idea

Thanks. I’m sure they won’t bother but it would make my life easier.

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