Green Beetles are Recruiting

Green Beetles are recruiting for upto 5 spots.

We are a bunch of mid-aged folks from 30-60 years old that enjoy E&P but are competitive. We are currently a growing alliance that now hits 7/8* titans, but hope to hit 8/9* titans with your help. We recently had to clean house and have several 5 open slots. We participate in all wars and don’t use any fancy chatting apps like Line. We understand that life happens and thus require good communication with the leaders in the event you will have limited or no participation. English is as must. Minimum 1200 cups and 6 wars teams (don’t need to be fully leveled).

Alliance Rules (you will be kicked out without trial if you don’t follow basic rules):

  1. Wars: It is expected that you will participate in wars and use all your banners. That means you need 6 teams for war. You must opt out if you can’t participate in a war for personal reasons.
  2. Titans: It is expected that you hit the titan at least 3 times, but prefer 5-6 hits.
  3. Communication: Informing the leaders of the alliance is paramount to your survival in this alliance. We understand life, but don’t understand why you can’t let us know if you need to miss wars/titans.

If your ready to join a serious but fun alliance and grow your team please check out Green Beetles.


We have 4 slots still available. Thanks for looking!

We have 5 slots. Just killed three 8* titans in a row!

4 spots open. About to claim our war chest!

2 spots remaining. Come help us fill our roster!

Still at two spots, but just wanted to weigh in and say that this is a really good group. It’s fun but not too chatty, and serious but not too serious. People all seem to be looking to play their best, and want the best out of each other, without being micromanaged. Love that fact that this groups eschews outside chat apps.

We now have 5 spots open, looking for active players in the 3000-4000 team power range (you can be higher, but that’s where we mostly are).

8* Titans are our sweet spot right now (we usually pass on 9s right now, but we finish most 8s).

We have 3 spots open. Currently hitting 9* titans! Come join the fun!

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