Green Beetles are Recruiting - (3 spots) - 1800+ trophies, 9-10* Titans, 100% war flag utilization...NO CHAT APPS!

Green Beetles have room for you.

3 spots currently open.

27/30 members
1800 trophies required
Currently 9* Titans are our sweet spot, but we are working on defeating our 3rd 10* in a row!!!
Good mix of guys and gals of all ages, that are very respectful of each other.
We’re dedicated players, daily Titan hits required, all war flags must be used.
Communication in game is saved mostly for important stuff, low idle chatter = low drama.
Our turnover is low: our members’ average length of time with this alliance is over 8 months.

We have 4 spots now! About to defeat our 4th 10* in a row. We have some great new Titan fighters in this alliance… And we are above .500 in wars…Come join!

We have just been matched with you in war @Howling. UK ADVENTURERS.
No third party chat for us either.
Good luck to us both. That is one strong defence team you have there!

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Good Luck in the war! @Steve9999

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Well! That didn’t go too well. Congratulations @Howling and all the Green Beetles on a crushing victory.
You were great - we were not quite so great!!
We had won our last two wars, so we were expecting a tough one.
Nice pair of Santa’s though!

Thanks @Steve9999! I saw that you had a Santa, so I had to match it! Anyway, since this is a recruiting post…I’ll ask if you’d consider join the green beetles. You’d fit right in! Good Luck, and may the RNGods be in your favor.

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Au Contraire @Howling. You should come to us :smile:

Actually, I think we are both happy where we are! Happy Gaming.

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