Green Ascension Question

Hello all. I have a green ascension question. I was all prepped to do Ratatoskr as my next green, but I just got lucky this morning and picked up Fogg. I know Fogg is a monster, but my question comes due to already having 2x Evelyn maxed (One at +20). Here is a picture of my green roster.


To emblem Fogg, I’d have to strip either Poseidon or Lady Loki. To emblem Rat, I’d have to strip either JoonC or Raffaele. What is everyone’s thoughts on all of this?

FWIW it looks like the squirrel would be a better fit in your stacked Greenland.
Fogg is a monster, no doubt, but I feel a true healer at average speed, moreover with its shield manipulation + Frigg, is a welcome addition.
After all you already have a massive sniper in Lianna+20 and a more versatile elemental defense debuffer in Evelyn.

I think that with Fogg you only add a huge sniper (and some tile damage), whilst with Ratatoskr you add a cleric and quite some damage - green tiles on board caveat applies.
How often that extra sniping would have made a difference for you?
How often a big heal + tile debuff would have made a difference for you?

Emblems considerations and the use you make of the strippers-wannabe might alter my views, but I don’t consider that likely.

I agree with everything you said, except 1 thing. Rat is a monk. :slight_smile:

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I, too, have 2 Eves. I also have Rat, who was decently usable even at 3/70 and currently being maxed after investing tonics to him a few weeks ago as I think he can help me score better against blue titans. He heals and he enhances tile damage. I see him only excelling against blue titans. I don’t need much healer as my 2 monogreen teams, each having Evelyn with a healing element link stacks with the healing overtime with my Albe in one team and the instant heal of Mother North on another team. I haven’t used much Rat in raids, wars, and PVE since I am stacking greens and there are very few greens left on the board for Rat to enhance since you are trying to match them. Against blue regular or mythic titans though, you are able to use the scrolls of alteration for Rat’s tile damage enhancement to make a huge impact. But the said scrolls are not usable in PVP scenarios and it is a waste of resources using them in PVEs.

With that being said, I’d ascend Fogg. He is usable in most aspects of the game. He has insane tile damage. Also a good primary or secondary or tertiary elemental defense debuffer against blue mythic titans. I don’t have him though.

Also, you don’t need to strip your heroes to give them either to Fogg or Rat, whoever you may choose to ascend. I say both are worthy heroes of their tonics.

Good luck

Sorry, D&D class habits are hard to die.
What I meant with cleric was actually “healer” :sweat:

Another 20 years or so of E&P and I might start considering healers and clerics two different things…


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