Green ascension help please

You folks have helped me a lot when choosing who to ascend. So I ask for your help again with my green choices.
I have several to choose from and with the recent balance changes I’m not sure who will be the best.
Maxed I have

To choose from these

I have the Atlantis family maxed and emblemed for defense. So new Atamos is interesting.
I have Kunchen and Ursena17 for tank choices and Ranvir 14 for titans.

Telly seems like the obvious choice but it’s hard to ignore Tarlak.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

Obvious Questions:

  1. Who is your current raid & war tank?

  2. Is your war transitioning to Green War Tanks?

  3. Do you have Miki? And how frustrated does Ranvir make you currently with misses?

  4. Which of the Atlantis Family do you have maxed? (Ariel, Poseidon, Ursena)

Ursena tank.

We alternate tanks and I wouldn’t mind having Telly for that.

I do not have Miki

Poseidon +11, Ariel+9, Ursena +17

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Personally (if it were me):

I wouldn’t do telluria as you don’t really need a strong strong green tank… If your alliance rolls thru tanks then there isn’t a need for a super green tank… not when you already have a great raid tank in Ursena.

Tarlak isn’t needed really… unless you’re annoyed enough with his missing on titans causing you to miss stuns… Mathematically Ranvir & Wu Kong are both better than Tarlak for damage boosting BUT Tarlak offers the heal & no miss. Read more here: Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle

I have no real experience with Chameleon so can’t comment much on him

Margaret is great but I still feel she’s mainly pitched at being a Titan specialist… The Damage made her more usable on Raid Offence but I still feel her primary roll is as a titan damage dealer.

Atomos will link in nicely with your existing Atlantis defence team… He also offers great use on offence (big damage) and titans (nice high attack stat) so I would say he’s the most well-rounded (now) of your options.

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Wow, that’s not what I expected to hear. But it’s kinda what I’ve been wanting to do. I would really like to utilize the family bonus.

Thanks Guvnor

Just my take. Others will (hopefully) chime in with their thoughts too.

I personally don’t really prioritise Defence as anything special… This thread sums it up pretty well: Your Defense Team Is Good Enough

As long as you can open your PvP chest up in Diamond Arena then there isn’t really any point in having the best or a “meh” raid defence team…

Wars is something different but from what you said, you rotate thru different colours so ascending a hero specifically for a 20% of the time war tank doesn’t make a huge amount of sense…

So I usually vote for the hero that is the most versatile. Telluria is still pretty solid on offence BUT I hate minions on titans… so she gets a black mark there for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I would go with Telly even if you don’t use her as your main tank. As guv mentioned Telly is great as an all rounder save for titans. But, don’t forget about the +10% critical she adds for all nature heroes. That can be very beneficial on a titan and could wash the negatives associated with minions imo.

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