Green ascension choice

I have only enough tonics for one. I’m stuck now that mother North has joined my team. Horgall was my first and hasn’t moved since lady of the lake. I’m thinking between zeline and mother North

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Well depends on how bad you want a reviver and what other heroes you have.

I would say kingston if you want more offensive pressure, if you want more healing/reviving I’d say Heimdell.

Heimdell or kingston are my choice.

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I’ve got it down to


If you don’t have an over healer ascended, Heimdall for mine. Absolute game changer

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Is heimdall a better reviver than mother North? Or just better stats?

Zeline is first priolity for green team.
If you together with Frigg and Zeline, its so strong.
I already final assend Heimdal and Kingstone, these also nice.
If you want to Mother North, I think you already have Krampus and Santa Claus.

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  1. Kingston
  2. Francine
  3. Heimdall (fantastic at Tank during a Very Fast event)
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Your maxed green heroes are already potent as is. Frigg, Evelyn, Lianna, Telluria and Lady of the Lake.

Let’s see… maxing Kadilen and Elkanen is outside the picture unless you have their costumes. I don’t want myself investing tonics on Zocc and Horghall (unless you already ascended the original version and maxing the costume version will only cost you sturdy shields, not tonics). Gregorion is good against titans but is of average mana. Kingston is a good sniper but he can’t beat Lianna for the raw damage alone. Tarlak is also good against titans (especially if blue and yellow titans reflect) and he is handy in raids and in wars. That leaves you with Mother North, Heimdall, Zeline and Francine. Zeline has good usability and has better synergy with your Frigg as they hit all. I badly wanted her since 2018 and still I still haven’t snag her. Francine is good pair with your Evelyn as they hit 3 and her recurring cleanse is nice to have. Heimdall has better defense stat than Telly, but the latter’s skill is still better on delaying the attacker’s advance in mana regen when both are at tanking positioj. They clash on emblems and resetting them is a pain. I don’t fear Heimdall tanking since he is a tile dump and I use mono red on him with little issue. I don’t do moored on Telly, even if she was nerfed twice. Her minions add health to all heroes almost the same way Heimdall boosts health to allies but in a far better way. Heimdall’s resurrection is too low a chance that MoNorth is someone who you don’t ignore in the battlefield.

I’d go MoNorth for variety.


Thanks for the in-depth decision. It does help clarify my own thoughts.

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