Green 5*/Tonic advice

Do as I say, not as I do :wink:

I’m fully aware no one plays like me. Why - in my nearly three years of giving advice - I’ve never suggested such a thing :sweat_smile:

But I spose in a way, yes - when 4* mats are involved - there is always an inner part of me going, “noooo, not the precious:rofl:

Those sneaky lil hobbitses…

You don’t give me enough credit…

…I was talking about 2/60 :wink:

Unfarmable mats are rare, ya know :face_with_monocle:


Basically at the end of it, up a hero you would use in all or most situations. (Raids/titans/wars)

IMO - Zeline would be the obvious choice without knowing anything else

Upping a hero purely for the intention of titans is not great unless you are closer to end game player. Rat in this case. But if you use him in all situations then by all means he is a legit hero to up.

First choice if it was me would be Zeline.
2nd would be Rat unless if you have a Heimdall or MN around.
I play mono so Elradir might be 3rd.

Hatter is fun and if you have a tough time at raids against very tough opponents or during wars.

Thank you all! I went ahead and pushed Zeline up and working on her right now. Hatter is looking good for number 2. Appreciate you all and happy gaming!

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Шляпник, его главное умение воровать супер, это намного лучше чем убирать уселения😀