Green 5*/Tonic advice

I have 12 Tonics.

Green 5* are:

Zeline - just got her to 3/70

Elradir - he’s at 2/22

Lady Locke - 1/40

The Hatter - 1/5

Ratatoskr - 1/5

Atomos - 1/4

Mainly debating between Zeline, The Hatter and Lady Locke. I know I’ll be asked “for what purpose” and to be honest…all around. Tonics are rare for me and yet the game feels it should toss 5* greens my way more than others. I’ve done a bit of research but hoping someone can shed maybe a bit better light on if they have said heroes and their experiences with them. Thank you for any and all info!

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I put tonics into zeline. Problem with her though is she does damage then debuffs. I would put her on back burner if you have better greens. I always say heals first. Rat would be my choice.

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Thank you. I could clarify, healers, I have plenty of. MN and Telly are done, greenwise, and Ariel is completed as well for my roster.

I’m c2p. Dont have telly or most other u mentioned. I like hatter. So many players buff. Just steal thier skills. Wish I had him.

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Zeline - Hatter - Elradir


I saw many advanced players holding Hatter in high esteem here on thw forum. Might be a good choice…

My two choices would be Hatter and the Rat.


I would go for sure with the Hatter, due to his great ability to steal buffs - you can steal the taunt from BK or Krampus and change everything in your favour, or the heal over time, even the one from Lidenbrock.

My second choice would be either Zeline for offense or Ratatoskr if you need an average healer plus enhanced green tiles against titans. Elradir is a possibility for his mana generation and Atomos is quite strong on offense. Lady Locke can be easily dispelled, but she is also good on offense.


Nice problem to have MST I would go Zelime and Lasy Locke who can be a real pain as a defence hero. I have 16 tonics but no one to use them on

I would do the Hatter first. If you play mono I would do Elradir next, because of the mana gain through the elemental link.

Happy gaming


Do you have any other heroes maxed? If so, who? Hard to give advice with only a little bit of info

Without knowing more, I’m gonna go with:


Her dispel is invaluable [offensively], and her attack down makes her great vs blue titans. Also, she makes a great flank defensively. & With her fast speed and SS, she’s the most versatile of the bunch. So if you don’t have many 5* maxed, she is gonna be the safest option [for you]


After Zeline, the choice is definitely more difficult; imo all of your options are viable. Really would depend on who else you have in your roster, and what you need most


If you lack a solid 5* healer, and wanna up your blue titans damage. Although, this one benefits the least from seeing 80

The Hatter

Mostly for fun; doesn’t play well with Zeline or other dispellers, and being average, he’s usually behind em all too. Although, he’s a blast during VF, or if you have a level 23 green mana troop

Lady Locke

Great for her all team cleanse, as that’s pretty rare, and her DOT is vicious. Not great defensively tho, but her tile damage would be useful against titans and in stacks


Could make a pretty solid tank, depending on your other options [there]. Better defensive hero (imo), but offensively he’s nice for the AoE hit (assuming you’re not using/stacking hit 3’s like Evelyn/Almur and Buddy/Marcel - as they would do better with someone like Hatter)


I’m really not a fan of this one, but his elemental link is quite impressive, so if you run mono or a deep stack, he could be useful for that alone. However, he’s also a solid counter to DOT heroes, if you’re struggling with those I spose (but works better with 2+ of him)


Zeline & the Hatter. I don’t have emblems on them but I use them everyday. Mostly because of Krampus

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Rat is extremely useful on titans as he can increase shield damage. If you need a hero on titans, I would go Rat.

If you don’t mind me asking, what scenario are you throwing the 5* in?

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I’m a well rounded player and try to utilize heroes in any and every aspect of the game to get a good feel for them. I have plenty of good 5* healers, but mainly looking for anything other than a healer really.

I have a few leveled up. That’s what’s making it a bit more hard to choose from. I have plenty of healers, attackers, dispellers. It’s just more of what green is a better, well rounded hero that could withstand the majority of events.

I thought your advice would have been to ascend none of them and to keep the tonics in your giant Smaug style treasure pile???



I expect Randah Pandah thought the OP was asking about levelling them to 3.70. Obviously the “tonic” was a typo, the OP must have meant shields.

Zeline - her dispell is very powerful and useful…plus attack down can easily prevent a team from destroying your defense. She is one of the best heroes and at one point in the past was a top notch sought after card.

Ratatoskr - Must have for Titans and great for healing. Plus his title boost is deadly if you attack 3:2 4:1 or Mono…you can almost kill a hero with 1 tile and 2-3 tiles will take out a fully charged HP level.

In the end pick the one you think you will use the most and be the most helpful on your roster.

Do you have a list, or maybe screenshots?

& Do you run mono, or stack?

Imo it’s really hard to say, and narrow things down, [past that] without knowing who else is in your roster.

Like I mentioned above, Hatter would pair better with hit-3’s, Atomos AoE’s or tank, Ratatoskr for your event/titan teams, Elradir to round out a mono team, or Locke if you really lack cleanse in your roster; none especially stand out enough to say definitively.

So imo, they’re all on such equal footing, that the roster will end up being the deciding factor here (well that, or priorities)

If not, you can always follow your gut, and go with whichever one you think [personally] you’d enjoy playing with, or find you need, the most. As ultimately, it’s you who will be using em, so gotta follow your instincts [there] :relaxed:


Ratatoskr is more than just a healer. The enhanced green tiles make him invaluable in a green stack for titans or just straight offense. What’s not to love about nut bombs.

Hatter, Ratatoskr and Zeline.