Green 5* question

Merry Christmas!!

Im c2p and I just pulled Mother North with an eht (great christmas gift!!). I was on my way to levelling up kadilen for green and i just thought if i should keep on ascending kadilen or start with MN. As with all c2p, I only have enough ascension mats for 1.

My other 5* heroes are:
Magni 4/60
Marjana 4/60
Grazul 1/1
Kadilen 2/60
Hornswaggle 1/1

I have read that MN is still useful at 3/70 and thus would not need to be fully ascended. Does that mean I should give the tonics to kadilen? Or even wait for lianna?

Feed Kad to Mum :wink:

For sure it has to be the green mean mother from outer space.

Who is Hornswaggle? :innocent:


Yo tengo a madre Norte, 4/80 , a 3/70 es infinitamente mejor que kaliden 4/80
Dale los tonicos a madre norte y no te arrepentirás.

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Ma Norte all dia! Seriously, as fast as you can. Get her on yer team!

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Haha, that short wrestler from WWE!!

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Vince’s son!!
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Mother North. It’s not even close.

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Mother North, of course. And @Olmor is joking, don’t feed Kadilen :rofl:

P.S. Actually, I think @Olmor would feed her… I would too, if I had his greens… He has 2 MN, 1 LotL, 2 Eve… or 3 Eve? I don’t even remember. All I see is green in my front of my eyes, thinking of his roster :rofl:


This is an easy choice. Unfortunately, Kadilen is no match to Mother North.

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MN is a great hero no question about that.
Do you have the ascension items to take a green to 4/80?? If you do have the items then leave Kad where she is and take MN to 4/80, if not then take Kad to 3/70. I personally do NOT like slow mana heroes at 3/70 other than Kunchen.

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I think he’s related to Tumbler Digger.


Hornswaggle is married to Gollywabbler

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