Green 5* choice

My roaster in green:
Telluria 4,80 (10)
Kingston 4,80 (12)
Liana 4,80 (4)
Alberich 4,80
And some 4* green: Buddy Melendor © 2x, Caedmon, Peter

I have the possibility to up a new 5* green between:
Telluria 2#
Kingston 2#
Alberich 2#
The Hatter
I think the best choice are: Zeline or second Telluria or Kingston. The 3 are really good, maybe Zeline is the worst, but the clean is really good. What would you recommend ?

I am focus on GDA, my actual green teen is Alberich / Telluria / Buddy / Kingston / Lianna

Zeline is awesome, but you can’t go wrong with another Kingston either…

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  • Zeline or Hatter
  • 2nd Kingston

Really don’t see the need of a second Telluria.

See many Hatters in war. The buff steal of Hatter is similar to Zelines debuff. Zeline hits all but overwrite Kingstons effect (really not dramatic). Hatter only hits 3…but would fit with Buddy.
Probably Zeline as she is faster.

Because she is so mean

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Definitely zeline. She is too hot to be ignored


Zeline, she still is one of the better HOTM.

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Wait for costumes and assess Kailden’s and Elkanens? Kailden’s is very good at least from what we have seen in beta.

I’d put Zeline first. Second hatter or Kingston

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