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Good morning, this game and how the outtos, that is to say, who only spends money and who develops, I explain why I play essentially 2 years and only I came out a hero of 5 stars (and do not come with the trick that I have to have the CT 20 and another CT to 13 since I have both some time to about a year), soon leads to believe or spend money or else you are just a mere player that you need years and years to get to a level what it’s sad

I’m playing one year, I have 30+ ascended heroes (~25 maxed) with 5 maxed 5* as a F2P. You don’t need money to playing, you just need time.


Given that you have played for 2 years. I am curious as to the odds of running 1tc20 constantly for 1 year and getting no 5*? And would point out that anyone who doesn’t have loads of heroes to level should be running at least 3 of them. Tc13 is great while you are building up to tc20, but the chance of getting 4* is greater in tc20. I have a few 5* at this point and prioritize 4* over many of them since they are quicker to level and extremely useful.


Well, 2 days per training if TC20 is running constantly. That’s 182 trainings per year. The consensus seems to be that 5% of TC20 trainings give a 5* hero. That is, there is a 95% chance of not getting a 5* hero.

Chance of no 5* heroes after 182 trainings = 0.95 ^182 = 0.0088 % chance of being this unlucky. If there are a million people running TC20 this religiously for the same time, we would expect about 88 people to have the bad luck described in the opening post.


I need time to play, I do not know if I’m laughing or crying. My friend, I go to the game many times a day and not for that. Have and think a little instead of defending something that has no excuse and a reality in any game who spend money will always have advantage, compared to the 4 stars are faster also agree. But what annoys me the most is that in 2 years a 5-star hero (and lack of playing time ahahahahahahahaha)

It sounds like you may need a break from the game. If you are not enjoying it, you should take a step back.


My pause and play without stress are just stating a fact and it is only those who do not want to see everything to spend money, but each one knows of itself and God knows of all, makes only confusion with there is a staff that defends the spending of money no way but ready

Calling them greedy is not a fact. It is an opinion and you are titled to it.

I think the game is pretty fair. Do you get an advantage from spending? Sure. But nothing is holding us free players back.

Proof is that I hit world rank 346 by playing for free. I started May 2018. There is some bad luck out there for people, but you keep trusting along

Calling the developers greedy is fair lmao. You can spend thousands and still end up with either no 5* heroes, or ones you don’t even want to level anyways like Thorne or Leonidas. Pretty absurd.


I would be running 2 or 3 TC 20s at that point. I run 2 TC 20 constantly trying for 5*, have all but 2 of the regular 4* (kashrek and skittleskull) maxed and all but 1 regular 3* maxed *kalani) at this point, all from my TCs.

Silver lining is you should have some decent heros for the upcoming raid challenges. :smiley:

I’m really sad that u have been so unlucky @Martim2008 :slightly_frowning_face: I’ve been playing for 14 months now & got 2 sartana , 1 elkanen , 1 Thorne, 1 vivica , 2 joon , 1khagan & pretty much all the regular 4* from my tc20 s (I got 3 :smile: don’t lose heart …play on & enjoy the game :heart:


After all, the people who agree with me are normal; now defend the game with the personal a person to defend with a tooth and nail, which is probably not going to do when the children are ready and a realities that exists in various places, maybe friends or family need help and close the eyes

I don’t think that makes them greedy though. That’s just the nature of a Gacha.

Heck. I feel like I am the greedy one. Playing for free.


I am F2P.
Maxed 2 5☆ about to max 3rd. Got 2 other 5☆s at 2^60ich
2 HOTMs.
22 4☆s maxed
5 4☆s 3^60
I hit some titans with 80k avrage 30k.
Got TP 3700+ team.
Game aint greedy.
Check this threads please:

You will see tons of free 3/4☆ AMs going to F2P like my self.
If the game was greedy then why do they have to give us all those freebies?
Get some faith bro.

Have a great day.


What makes them greedy is the price of gems and the low odds of summoning. They could still make money if they bumped the odds of summoning a legendary hero up to like 5% but nooooo it has to be 1.5% on top of the fact gems in this game are more expensive than any other “micro transaction” game that I’ve ever heard of. For CAD $140 I can only do 30 summons lmao. 1.5% out of 100 summons might be a 5*. Pretty bad.


If gems were less expensive, people would do more pulls. If odds of pulls we’re greater, people would need more Ascension materials. If Ascension materials were more plentiful, we would all have maxed heroes within a short time and get bored.

I think all of the settings as they are now are good. Play the game at your own pace. It’s about the journey. Enjoy it.


U know this annoys me why do so many people say u need a break from a game after 2 years of playing 1 5 star hero.why don’t they get off the pot and give us a bad luck just seams that so many players are in some strange bubble and they can’t even see what’s in front of them.This player has participated worked on his stronghold did all the things he is supposed to do and he gets this reply?Idk I honestly think everyone should be having a different opinion on this particular problem but I guess if your luck is better than the other player it just doesn’t matter.It does matter and it needs to be addressed.


As the game stands, it is near guaranteed that there are going to be some players getting no luck at all. Rather than complain about it, we need to come up with a reasonable and fair way to address this without going to the opposite extreme of giving everybody everything, as that would be a completely different game.

I imagine that I am personally going to be frustrated soon if I don’t get some good pulls (about to finish 4/5 of a second 4* team, no purple in sight, only one 5-star pulled to date, maxing a second Balthasar to use the purple feeders, but don’t have anybody in line after him in purple), but I am willing to accept that that’s the way the cookie crumbles when I’m playing a totally randomized game.

Well, yes - the funny thing about opinions is that fundamentally we all think our own are correct, so at some level we all believe that everyone else’s should be different. It’s worthwhile recognising that all opinions are valid - even those you disagree with - especially when they relate to something as trivial and subjective as a phone game.

I think you may have misinterpreted people’s attitude, here. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the bad luck of a player doesn’t matter. I think the responses are a little more nuanced than that. I think they sort of go like this:

  1. It matters a lot that a player can have bad luck. It’s excellent that a player can have bad luck, because it means that players can also have good luck. This possibility of terrible luck and of wonderful luck is one of the best things about E&P and it would be a tragedy if that were ever to change.

  2. While it is possible that a player might have played for two years and only collected one five star hero, this could not have happened through bad luck alone. In my two years of F2P playing I have collected 32 five star heroes. I have been quite lucky. If I had been quite unlucky, I might have collected only half this number: 16. If one has only collected one five star hero in two years, then either one haven’t been playing very much at all, or one has been playing very poorly - not building and running TC20s, not collecting as many EHTs as possible, not collecting and using free gems to best effect.

  3. On top of all this, paying players are constantly expressing how disappointed they are that they can’t buy success. They are limited by the low probability of summoning heroes and the limited availability of ascension materials. Spending money buys you an advantage over F2P players, but only a limited advantage, unless you spend a fortune. So SG have the balance about right, I think.


^^ This ^^ exactly :ok_hand:t2:


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